What will you do when your money becomes worthless?



    Will you be able to adjust to the coming crisis..........






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    Cool site. I love reading this kind of thing... get's the mind ticking and finding creative energy. Thanks Randy.
    It's good to look at the other side... :)

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    Complain to my bank, with a big F*****G SHOTGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Headless Man

    Wouldn't help if it's not worth anything.......

    Make me feel better though Randy!

    Hey can I come too Romos? I'll wear a ski mask. Or maybe a court jester hat- since you ARE the KOTF!!!

    I'll give you the six chickens I'm trading with Eggy for the shotgun.

    Naah!!! It,s mine, I need it for lots of good stuff.


    Borrow some more...

    Headless Man

    That's the problem now.......

    Yes you right Randy, i do believe we have an upcoming "economic Armageddon"..

    When the money becomes worthless, no point daren1

    Its over when the Mexican cartels will no longer accept American dollars for their products. We will barter and survive . Some will steal and many will be in a very bad way . Those who are prepared to do anything will survive for awhile until the ammo runs out . Those who are living close to the edge now will fare the best as its not a long way to the bottom . Those who live on their credit cards  will be hit the hardest as its a long way to the bottom from there . Other economy's money has collapsed so this is not a new thing look what happened to them and that is what will happen here . We are Americans first and foremost we wring our hands in times of trouble sometimes and then there are those who stand up and do what it takes to make this country survive . What ever comes we will survive ,a big house cleaning is in order and many will be going back to God ,the rest will do what we have always done SURVIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Back to the barter system I guess.

    Headless Man

    There you go......

    Live of the land. But the problem will be the gas and oil prices, that Obama so convinently ignores to promote his green energy plan. I think we will have to get ready to buy byicicles while there are still any to be had. I think the barter system is a good idea.Also, are we printing more money to give to other countries?  That is what makes our money worthless. This Government is totally out of touch with reality.

    ed shank

    Where I live there is an incredible amount of wildlife, deer, fish, turkeys, etc; People today are supplementing their food expenses by pouching the wildlife. I can't imagine having four kids and the expense to feed them today. I know what the wife spends for just the two of us and it's not cheap.

    Our Food is getting more expensive by the day because of our rising gas prices and will never come down, even if our gas prices drop eventually. I love animals, but dont blame people to have to resort to poaching, especially if they have a large family.So sad to see older people shopping when they pick up an item and then put it back, because of the price.

    I think that's what will happen if the government keeps printing money to pay off debt.

    It's just paper backed by nothing, here in the USA and would wide as well.


    that's what my dad said back in the 80s. He said what causes inflation is that the gov keeps printing more money and printing more money. I didn't see the connection tho'

    The government doesn't print money. The Federal Reserve does. The US requests $X, and that is printed. It is borrowed money and must be repaid, with interest. The biggest problem is that we will never be able to pay the debt, because only the principal (loan amounts) was ever printed.
    The Federal Reserve is privately owned....and one day, you will be, too.
    Headless Man

    Good article at the top, kinda long read but good.

    It certainly would be nice to have that option to print money to pay your lenders, although its a catch 22, the more you print, the less its worth, you will never pay it off.  So as others have said-- barter. maybe Obama and future electives will trade off some of our land to pay its debts.. I'm in California, I am sure the many leftist here have no problem being owned by China.. LOL

    Financial disaster began for me when that ex-demon-infested narcissistically-disordered schlameil of a sperm-donating bats-turd decided that a change in his lifestyle was needed as the stresses of his adjustment to fatherhood disorder were causing him to desire a life with a mistress named crak and a master called Jack[yes...Daniels].Lest I digress,my first opportunity to exit,intact,with the kids was taken [can I get a whoop whoop?] and when the hard boiling reality sank in that I was living now as a single income maw in a duel economy world well...I realized that when the world seems to hand you shit the best thing you can do,no,the only thing to do is to pick up a shovel and dig yourself a garden...and that's exactly what I did at our little beach-shack rental in the backyard here eleven years ago...and it has worked beautifully to cut costs as well as make them miss me all summer and fall at the produce section!So take heart people and plant some tomatoes and spinach...maybe a little beans and carrots or some sugarsnap peas in pots on your deck...and now I'm hungry again!!!!


    Quit blowing on the fur and get to the hide....tell us what you really think !

    You have spunk !

    What I think is that we live in a world where we make money off of two things...peoples' pleasure and their pain.I find it hard to believe that my life,my drawing of breath,has to depend on money.Ultimately I am one of those who could easily live "off the grid" so to speak and I have been trading and bartering goods or talents for years out of neccessity as well as for the joy of it.You've just got to line up your talents and do some networking and try to find this book:BARTER How to get almost anything without money By:Constance Stapleton & Phyllis C. Richman.What do I really think?Grab a paddle people and start rowing!!!!
    Headless Man

    You don't live in SE Ohio do you, you sound like the kind of neighbor that might be helpful in a crisis.

    Sorry to say I don't live in beautiful Ohio,I'm on Vancouver Island!!And I am helpful in a crisis...I survived a disastrous toughens up the old turtle shell I must say!

    I think your husband is closely related to my spouse...The Devil was thier Dad.

    Perhaps...I've heard he gets around!!

    Well, what a relief No more bills!il   Barter and trade...or form a self sufficient community where everyone contributes different talents to create a well rounded community- like a Kibbutz.  And of course cooperative animals to help out- porting water, digging fields, to obtain wool and llama wool from to knit.  chickens foe eggs, cows for milk....etc

    Headless Man

    That would work, for the young......

    You could come along! You have talent too!
    Headless Man


    Hey, a great advisor creates success !!!!!

    I'll supervise,

    LOL..ok you and Randy can split the supervision! Play nice!!!

    like the hippies did in the 60s when they lived on a commune .

    IT IS RIGHT NOW.... I went in to 3 different banks this week to try and cash a $29,000 check, I wanted cash back for it and each teller looked as if I was nuts and told me," We don't keep that kind of cash on hand...." This is a friggin bank for crying out loud. It takes them a week to get the money so I can cash it. Whats up with that????


    Money is no longer real. It's just numbers being transmitted from one bank to the next now. The same with my bank. I went to withdraw 10K one time and was told it would be 3 days before they had the cash. 0.0

    I will grow my own fruits and vegetables; and plant grain and such, No, I will never kill an animal to eat. I'll make my own clothes, like the pioneers did.

    We are the smartest animal in the Animal Kingdom.  We would, you guessed it, ADJUST, of course.


    Umm we are smart but there are other animals that are smart too.

    lose weight! or go back to growing my own vegies, but honestly I have had nothing but problems paying cash with a company for a kitchen splashback, no paper trail, ridiculous!!!

    Is that what they mean by a cashless society? I could see it coming it wont be long now!

    Headless Man

    It's coming to a town near you soon.......

    Well lets see.If eggy gives me 6 chickens & a side of beef I'll fix her roof.

    I have seen walls in old houses that were papered with worthless stock certificates. The Fed can and has declared certain currency series to be worthless after a specific date. That is usually done if counterfeit bills are circulated so profusely that they become as common as real money. As is our money is backed by oil so the production of alternative energy devices would seem to undermine our economy.  

    We have some nice response here but I challenge anyone to go a week without using cash for something, gas, electric, water, food, medicine, ect. it all takes money nowdays. The barter system would work for somethings but if your older like me all your barter is in the bank.


    Hi @headless Man, does not apply to third world countries :). Just to give you an idea of the equivalent value a US Dollar = 140 Rs. For that you can buy 1 pkt coffee -1 tsp (7), 1 pkt milk (2 tsp)(7), half a loaf of bread (30), 1 cigarette (20), breakfast trad (40)a carrot (3), one leek (5) a potato (10). There are people living here on 3,000 per month, and lots of people are outside religious centres being fed off the charity of others.

    Its already worthless. Petrol just went up by 30 in SL, therefore cost of living +++ food, vegetables, one fisherman was shot in the head because they came out to protest against being deprived of their livelihood and being in the North where the recent war ended, they have no other means of sustenance since no vegetables and the modern invention of motor boats have taken away their paddle oars. One cannot increase ones rates because everyone is affected. The only things of value are land, ones health and ones beliefs  and those will remain, no matter what turnaround, money does to one.

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