i need a good dye to go blond i am dark brown and grey

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    I would be going to a hairdresser for this, to go blonde from a dark colour requires bleach, it is a process and it should be done in steps.Doing it yourself could end in disaster e.g bright orange hair, damaged hair, even loss of hair.Take it from someone that has been there, me.

    Please do not do this at home... You are stripping color from your hair with harsh chemicals.. It is very easy to do serious damage to your hair.

    I love your blond hair but why on earth would you dye you roots grey..

    This is none of my business ,but as a man I would say embrace what you have . Natural blonds are hot the fake ones not so much . As the old saying goes "Run what You Brung Pedal To The Metal " Be yourself .


    Thanks Big Blue... I am a natural blonde and a bit tired of being beaten up with blonde jokes et al. I like the embracing the naturalness of your idea. All for that!

    Somethings in life are best left to the professionals and hairdressing is one of them, especially a colour processing. Have you considered embracing your beautiful gray hair?

    if you can afford it go to a hair dresser.Safer for you and your hair.  If you must consult a trusted hair stylist. Good luck.

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