why nobody want me

    because i"m 2 black

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    Love yourself like no other. Feel out the good things and make the not-so-good better, change your outlook on life and yourself. Beauty is within you and it will show through once you let it...........

    There is no such thing... I am pasty white and I found my someone.  Be proud of your skin.  Be proud of you.  Bask  in the glory of you.  Be the very best you and your life will be a wonderful adventure. 

    This is the truth.

    Don't worry about things so much... do the things that you shine at and that you love.  You just wait and see what tomorrow will bring.

    And if that is a photo of you ... your skin is a beautiful colour.  I would be very happy to have skin just like yours.


    YES Girl Black is "Beautiful I have seen lots of mixed "Marriages.

    Your welcome here. Welcome to the biggest "love in" since the sixties.

    Don't be so hard on yourself, it seems most people are color blind so you might want to think about that,Stay true to yourself their is someone out their for you, meanwhile just stay a while and you will make plenty of friends..

    Sometimes in life our partner is not supposed to be a sexually attached person! Sometimes our real life partners are our children or a grandparent or someone you have dedicated your self and talents to such as when one has a special needs child or parent.This life is not about sex.It is about LOVE.Everybody want you baby just sometime not the right people! You choose who to love honey! YOU and no-one else.

    WE want you for a friend !   Probably a couple hundred friends here.    And consider us your extended family    24 hours a day someone will be here to listen to you.   We have a lot of smart and witty people here for you to talk with. 

    Find a different name for yourself for this site.   Maybe something rich like  Goldie

    We are all going to be your friends.

    A dear friend of mine is charcoal black and if I were a young man, we would be in the same house.


    I have a story ;Here at the Albuquerque Flea market is a skinny black woman who can really dance. At her stand the radio is always playing her smile is glowing and she dances while selling her stuff . Does quite well I imagine many people come to see her to visit and buy . She wears outrageous wigs costumes feathers you name it the louder the better . Purple hair ,neon wigs ,point is she has fun and people enjoy her . They stop to see her and leave with a smile . You can see her on you tube : Dancing Albuquerque Flea Market . Go look she is a wonderful woman ,happy and her skin colour makes no difference  at all. Quite frankly after her smile you never see it not that it would matter she is a lovely happy soul and thats what shows . I am white and wished I danced well enough to keep up with her cuz I would sure ask for a dance . Hope this helps . Now I have made my friend famous told the whole world about her fancy dancing . God Bless her !!!                       Bill

    Love Yourself or The Art of Self-Acceptance

    To love yourself means to accept yourself as you are and to come to terms with those aspects of yourself that you cannot change. It means to have self-respect, a positive self-image, and unconditional self-acceptance.

    Needless to say, it does not mean being arrogant, conceited or thinking that you are better than anyone else. It means having a healthy regard for yourself knowing that you are a worthy human being.

    It is important to remind ourselves that no one is perfect. We all have strengths and weaknesses and we certainly possess the resources to work on improving ourselves.

    Each of us is unique and has specific talents and abilities to offer. We are all here, in the words of Walt Whitman, "to contribute a verse".

    In order to appreciate yourself it is up to you to discover what makes you unique and to further develop those talents. We have a responsibility to ourselves to do so.

    You cannot sit around and wait for approval from others. Work on accepting yourself. You are the only "you" that you have. It is in your best interests to be the best you can be.

    Until you love yourself, you will not be able to love anyone else. You can only love another to the degree that you do yourself.

    We do want you. That is a brave question. 

    Its not the "colour of a person`s skin its being good to others never be unkind because you think you are better than them.Treat others as you would like to be treated. 

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