I've had a stuffy nose since November, it is now march. I have no other symptoms except a cough that i had during the stuffy nose, back in November. Does anyone know what this could mean or be?

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    In the winter its usually because of dry air inside if you are using oil or gas heat. I used to have the same problem until I started to use my woodstove again. I keep a big pot of water on top of the woodstove and it keeps moisture in the air.

    Could be an allergy. I developed several after age fifty.

    You should definitely see a doctor when something like that persists as long as it has with you. Has anything in your environment changed within that time period? This is something to consider, especially if you live downwind of a manufacturer that does things under cover of darkness. Has it possibly have anything to do with the heating system where you live? Cigarette smoke? Change of employment?


    it could also be dust, etc...if the gp can't find a resolution, get someone to do an inspection on your evironment.....just a thought.

    Maybe you have developed a sinus infection, have you tried an antihistamine ? I am only guessing, a Doctor can best  advise you.

    It sounds like dust allergies but I may be wrong.  Mine are much better living in a house without carpets.  Go to a doctor and get yourself referred to a specialist. 

    sounds like post-nasal - drip. .......also called sinus drainage. If you lived in Michigan, I would call it  " Michigan Sinuses". That's what we call it here.  heh heh

    Go see a GP, and get your throat checked for any infections.


    The house inspection is a good idea too. If I remember right, those are also some of the symptoms of having mold in the house.

    Get away from the house for a couple of days . Get a air purifier and of course see a doctor quick this aint going away .   Bill

    You didn't say where you are but I'd be willing to bet on allergies. Check with your doctor to be sure and try an over-the-counter antihistamine.  For a natural way to clear your nose, rub your index finger against the tip of your thumb, this is acupressure and should help...........

    could be allergy, go to doc.

    Get away from the house for a couple of days . Get a air purifier and of course see a doctor quick this aint going away .   Bill

    Has anyone ever evaluated you for nasal polyps? 

    i live in virginia beach virginia. have no allergies, my nose is like iron man to pollen. im only on one medication and have been for over a year, im on Celexa. but we do have a blackish mold sprouting on our shower ceiling, ive been arround that common shower mold my whole life though because it was already inspected and we were told just to spray it with bleach, now it comes and goes. i cant go to a doctor because money is tight and i have no insurance. 

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