Guess what, we're gonna cop it tomorrow. Heavy winds and flooding rains. Did youl know up to 8000 people were evacuated yesterday from Wagga Wagga?

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    Do you have plenty of jello stocked up?

    We're well stocked up, Colleen. I did some planting out this morning and afternoon.The ground is perfect for planting, it's much easier to dig. The 'ya' is back, nearly drove me mad while I was in the garden.
    I'm still typing on this lousy laptop. The desktop turns on when it's been offf for half the day.It doesn't stay on long. I think its overheating and then it goes bonkers. Did you get my email?

    No, got no e-mail.Check the fans on the computer. I bet they are loaded down with dust. Stay safe and dry. Try again with the e-mail.

    Send me your email address again, I don't have it. I sent it to the moderator.

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    Going to be a bunch of snakes looking for dry ground to say nothing of other biting things . I hear you have some dangerous critters so keep a sharp eye out for the narley ones .   Bill


    We have plenty of dangerous snakes here. It's been a bumper year, plenty of rain and food. We get them in our backyard all the time. I wear boots when entering the garden.

    Scary !!!! Be careful . Do you have any one steppers ? We have some nasty critters here mostly two legged s but some of the 4 legged ones are bad news too. Bill

    Don't sound good ! That's a whole bunch of people with many needs . Lot of sadness ! Where is Wagga  Wagga ? So what can be done ?  Are you in the middle of this ? Sorry to hear about this ,please try and stay safe . Keep us updated and let us know you are okay .    Bill


    That's South West, even their CBD is in danger now. The river has not flooded like this for 150 years.
    We are nowhere near the place, but the clouds have moved north and they are still full of rain. Anyway,it would have to rain for 40 days and nights before it would get us. We are up very high. We always buy houses that are up high. Some of the surrounding areas could be flooded. Sydney is going to cop it too. It will definitely flood there.

    I saw it on the news and it is terrible. Pytonlover is in the Sidney area. I hope she is OK.

    WoW!!! Stay safe!!! be prepared to Bail out if it comes to that.  Please give us updates as you can!!!!  WE NEED OUR EGGIE SAFE!!!!!!!


    Sydney copped it not us. It's the worst event in 150 years. They even got a small tornado.

    Oh Man! This sounds terrible and scarry! My thought and Prayers to you, our other Oz members, and the people and animals of Oz! Crazy weather! Our atmosphere is not happy with the years of polution it's had to deal with. Stay in touch and I hope it is less rain, damaging winds,and No tornados or tidal surges!!!!

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