To all who have a problem with a certain preacher fellow ,may I suggest you all take a moment and listen to Enya and a song called Long Long Way To Go . It is a long journey with many trials and disappointments ,why is it so hard to understand each other ? We are more than our little icons on the screen . There is both joy and saddness as our lives unfold here ,for all to see. Being flip or harsh is mostly uncalled for in my opinion . Can we do better ?

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    I didn't have a problem with the preaching or the saving me... What I had a very large problem with was the dishonesty.  It does not bother me one spit if the man is trying to save my soul... I didn't care for the apology that was basically taken back... then the bombardment of questions on the very same subject combined with the, "Christians are persecuted... feel sorry for this Christian"... It didn't sit well with me as I felt betrayed as a person who truly did care, was willing to listen and was then bowled over by a crazy quest. 

    Randy can say what ever the heck he wants as far as I am concerned... what I don't care for is dishonesty and manipulation.

    I have actually not said one negative thing about Christianity or Randy's preaching... The thing I find truly hilarious is when someone else asks a question about another religion or says one thing about another religion (One specifically)... the gloves come off.  It gets ugly out there.

    I would never breathe one single word about my religion... how about that?  I think faith is personal and I don't talk about it.  I have however seen people verbally beaten up for following the same path as I do.

    I have stayed out of Randy's questions since the day he went over the top...over the top only because he wasn't a true, good friend.  I only expected him to be honest.  One very simple thing.

    I am not angry with Randy... only sad.

    Oh and before I go... Bluesman, sometimes you can be very harsh... have you been enlightened?... Van Morrison right back at you! :)

    Yes!  I listened to the music!



    I place great value on honesty as you may well know .I will never take betrayal lightly . Like the others I must ask did you hear the music? It was part of my point and said what I could not . We make mistakes in life repeatedly just like the fly going headlong into the window time after time until we perish . Good intentions do not always bring good results . I was looking for a word to describe my feelings on this whole matter,sad certainly fits . Sympathy fits as well ,I am sorry a well meaning person cant make himself understood ,even when all his goals and desires are sound . Thanks for the response and the thought that went into making your point . I can see your position quite clearly . This medium allows familiarity with complete strangers we have never known before and we take liberties we should not ,based on presumptions taken solely from someone's words . I admire your thinking and always enjoy reading your words .In parting I can only say the key to this is in the music . Its a long road from beginning to end if we are blessed with a true worthy friend ,companion we are blessed . Bluesman

    At the bottom of the answer I wrote, "Yes! I listened to the music!"
    I understand your point very clearly. Headless can bang his head into the glass every which way from Sunday but, the next time he apologizes I will not take it seriously at all. Why bother?... it won't be sincere... and on top of all that he used religion as a weapon.
    Randy also said that if I didn't care for his questions then I shouldn't look at them... nice caring Christian for you.
    Now, I don't give a flying fig what Randy does. I won't say anything nasty, I will just be walking away like Jenn.

    I’m here for the Q&A, I get out of line occasionally and I’m glad Colleen is here to straighten me out. I posed the definition of “preach” because so many don't know what that word means. I grew up a preachers kid and I know annoying preaching…..not for me.    


    Did you hear the music? We all have baggage and fall out from our parents . Hard to escape that . You are one of the most insightful and eloquent here . I always enjoy your words and wisdom . Thanks for reading my words . Big picture thinking says the intent is good ,goals worthy and the principles sound. All would benefit in the end . The fact is we all stand by or follow those principles anyway . I believe in tolerance to a point and find nothing wrong with compassion to a point. No need to turn murders loose or be soft with justice . Congrats on the 100,000 well deserved !!!!! Bill

    I have no desire to interact with Randy.  I wish him well. And hope people will show him compassion. But I have to walk away.


    I understand ,shame his only fault seems to be he cant put his good thoughts and intentions into words we wish to hear . Sad really .

    When he stops trying to find away around the no preaching rule and stops posting veiled questions to try and get people  riled up, then people will have no reason to post the comments of annoyance.  People are tired of the whole mess and just want it to go away but he keeps pushing it with the thinly veiled questions. Preaching is not allowed here for just this reason. It upsets people. Preachers need to build churches to preach in. akaQA is not a church.  You can support him and empathize with his plight that he's brought apon himself but people will continue to see through him and post their comments. Any that truly get out of line will be removed.  He knows what he's doing, I'm sure he's already accepted the consequences of his actions.  


    Yes ,but did you listen to the music? He is focused Ill give him that . Kind of a one race pony . Being a work at home guy I see way too much news and the things going on in the world to say nothing of just Albuquerque . Tolerance is something we could all use . Poor guy just has limited crowd pleasing skills and one topic. When speaking he is no James Earl Jones ,but then neither am I . We all wish for better word skills ,and more insightful comments . Not all wishes are granted ,sadly . He wants to say something and is asking how he can do so .Nothing more . Veiled or not ,in the end its that simple .

    There are many forums on the internet where he can fulfill his desire to preach and spread his message. He needs to expand his tunnel vision. akaQA is not the place he needs to be trying so hard. He has no problem with word skills as most of his words, if they were allowed would be bible verses copied and pasted. He's been told what is acceptable and what is not in many different ways. It's up to him to understand it or continue to ignore it. I have no empathy for a person who refuses to accept no just because a book tells him otherwise.
    No, I've not listened to the music. I've been rather busy. I have my music that inspires me and I listen to it when I can. I'm happy for you that you have music that does the same for you :)

    I am game, bluesman. 

    Your words are well written.  Thank you.

    @Bluesman,  I coudn't agree more. But whoever the preacher is, he may preach, but then rather than being "flip" or "Harsh" (and I do agree on your use of these words as well), why not ignore? Its akin to the tax man who always finds your front door closed, so he walks away. He will return and return again, and then leave notes because he wants attention, and in his case taxes. In the preacher's case, attention too. Children have the same habit, bawl and scream and roll on the floor until tended to. No replies and no answers, the message is clear. With children, same ruse.

    ed shank

    Well said.

    I may add that this is what bluesman may refer to

    I do not know if the dialogues between Churchill and Bessie Braddock on the Labour party is considered paraprosdokians, but it’s surely memorable….
    Bessie Braddock <> :

    Winston, you are drunk, and what's more, you are disgustingly drunk.
    Bessie, my dear, you are ugly, and what's more, you are disgustingly ugly. But tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be disgustingly ugly!
    I guess it takes a politician to say it in style and not hurt!

    "" Oh, it's no sweat. He has one foot in the grave and one on a banana skin. It won't be long before we have him...heh.

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