would smokining Mad Hadder Incense, 3 g every day my first 4 weeks or so of pregnancy be harmfull to baby? dangerence.

    Does anyone know if smoking pot and Madd hadder Incence nightly during first mo. of a pregnancy is  harmful to the baby  . This is my grand daughter and i havnt dealt with this raising my groan children. We have helped raise her long distance. I would appreciate stats. if anyone has dealt with this crap.

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    Dangers of smoking marijuana  while pregnant

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    Marijuana comes from the cannabis sativa plant, the leaves of which are dried and rolled into cigarettes or placed in a pipe for smoking. It is commonly used in the United States and is an illicit drug. It offers few health benefits, but it can cause problems with social behaviors, memory and learning abilities. It also can interfere with family and social life, as well as with work and school. While most people smoke marijuana for pleasure, it has been prescribed for medical ailments in some states.
    The use of marijuana during pregnancy can impair the growth of the baby, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Babies who are smaller than normal at birth are at higher risk of disease and death than those born within the regular range of newborn weight. Many babies born while their mothers are using marijuana are placed in neonatal high-risk units to be monitored and helped to achieve a normal weight. A baby whose mother smoked marijuana during pregnancy may not have full organ development and may have other health problems because of the drug. Premature birth caused by smoking marijuana may make the child susceptible to many health problems.
    When a pregnancy stops early, which can happen when the mother smokes marijuana, the baby may be born too soon. This puts the child at risk for birth defects as well as opportunistic infections because the baby's immune system may not be fully developed.
    Babies who have been affected in the womb with marijuana from the mother also can be born dependent on it and may suffer withdrawal symptoms after birth. The baby is unable to cope with not having the drug. Signs of withdrawal from marijuana may include poor sleeping habits as well as irritability. Excessive crying and trembling also are key signs of withdrawal.
    Babies who have suffered the effects of exposure to marijuana in the womb of the mother-to-be have difficult paying attention later on in childhood. This may continue as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, children who were developing while their mothers smoked marijuana have more problems with memory and paying attention than other children.
    Babies who have been exposed to marijuana within their mother's womb suffer from sensitivity to stimulation and poor sleep patterns. This means the baby finds it difficult to relax and sleep. When the baby does sleep, she may be easily woken with the slightest sound. This is called "state regulation." The baby is able to adjust to her environment without difficulty when she does not have marijuana in her system.

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    to cooleen.. OMG. Thank you very much for this artical. Will forward this to our family. And get this kid to a great OBGYN. maby you just saved a life. xo

    This is starting to concern me...fake weed...mad hadder..I take it your granddaughter had no clue she was pregnant.  Tell her to get to an OB asap!


    I share your concern, and i dont know if she knew she was pregnant at that visit to me, but i found evidance all over back patio next morning for a week that she was using this, crap, behind my back, befor bed.@ 10:00 every night. Now i know why i could not wake her to chat ! That is very early for a 20 yr old to pass out every night on a vac. 1 week later she facebooked she was preg. SAD I KNOW. @ unwed.

    Springfield, MO) -- Herbal incense smokers are lighting up to get high, but sometimes their buzz is ending in a trip to the hospital.**

    Poison control centers across the country took 14 exposure calls about so-called "synthetic pot" in 2009. The number jumped to 2,870 calls last year. By the first week of 2011, the new year had ushered in 385 new calls already.

    Dr. Anthony Scalzo is the Director of Toxicology at Saint Louis University and Medical Director at the Missouri Poison Center. He says so-called "fake pot" is giving smokers real problems.

    "These blood pressures were getting up to very high like 160 over 100; 180, even 200 over 114," Scalzo said. "Now that's life threatening emergency blood pressure."

    He says the symptoms left doctors guessing at first. They saw patients coming in agitated, some of them suffered paranoia and even hallucinations.

    "That's classic for meth. We're in Missouri, you know: meth," Scalzo said. "So we are now testing for that: not finding meth."

    Scalzo started noticing a trend, doctors kept hearing their patients mention K2.

    Researchers found chemicals in the blend attach to some of the same receptors in the brain as pot. That makes you feel high.

    Scientists say those chemicals are sprayed or mixed in with plants. But they don't think there's much quality control in the market. And they don't know for sure where every batch is coming from.

    "We don't know what's in any individual batch: the dose, the concentration," Scalzo said.

    Scalzo believes those active chemicals are also causing the adverse effects. Those effects are leaving some K2 users and users of the so-called legal alternatives calling for help.

    Still, some smokers will light up, get their buzz, and never have to go to the ER. After the trend initially started, KOLR10/KSFX News talked a user who did not seem to have any problems.

    But not everyone, has the experience they want.

    The state highway patrol is making progress testing some of the so-called "legal" incenses. And the director of the Crime Laboratory Division of the highway patrol, William Marbaker, is offering words of caution as well.

    "You're taking your life in your hands when you're smoking this stuff," Marbaker said.

    The knowns, and perhaps more importantly, the unknowns of herbal incense are prompting concerns for public health. Doctors are still wondering what kind of long term effects users will experience, if any.

    "I would say buyer beware, you don't know what you're getting," Scalzo said.

    Dr. Scalzo says he believes these products could be addictive. And he's also seen cases where people will have experiences similar to flashbacks of their time on the drug.


    Scarry stuff!

    Be honest with your doctor.. they have heard it all... They cant turn you n and are really only interested in the health of your baby and yourself.

    If you really care for your baby, give up smoking in any form, drugs and alcohol whislt pregnant, to give him/her a fighting chance in life.

    avoid smoke of any kind


    Comon, we ALL know that!!!

    What do you mean, "no one can confirm" the dangers of smoking pot or incense while pregnant.   People are going to hospitals and contacting POISON CONTROL centers.  Blood pressure skyrockets, users hallucinate.
    Put one of these people behind the wheel of a vehicle and tell me there are dangers to an unborn baby in the vehicle or any one that may come near this one. 
    Did you even READ the article Colleen provided for you?  Pot babies have trouble sleeping and find it hard to relax.  ADHD is common in pot babies.  Behavior problems often accompany that.
    Memory difficulties, trembling, irritability, low birth weight, high-risk neo-natal, premature birth (a whole new set of problems), and birth defects such as organs not being fully developed.
    Probably the most frustrating thing is: You aren't going to have any effect on what your pregnant granddaughter does or doesn't do, and you could be under the same roof.  IT DOESN'T MATTER what you say or think.
    Been there.  Know that.  Got #3 on the way and Mama uses drugs, smokes, and drinks. So far the kids "look" OK.  90% chance of intellectual/behaviorial issues. Just praying they aren't overwhelming.  Advise you do the same.

    Colleen,  THANK YOU>>>.     sanaclause- concerned grandmother.    Honestly you are all the best, smartest, clean cut people on earth, that no one knows anything on pot of any kind when it is all over the news. .  I an so impressed. Cootos to every one on this site, that no one has a teen or any family member with a pot  issue. God bless all,  and keep up the good work..

     To bulletman. Guess your not a family member of an un wed 20yr old girl, that screwed up, and the family has real concerns now that we know she was pregnent. please reed my entire coments,  then we would love an educated  answer on this issue.  ty

    I guess no one is able to confirm  stats.on dangers of smoking pot and incense while pregnent. I have many concerns for my grand daughter, because she lives 3 hrs away  and  her mom dosnt care.  I would appreciate an honest answer so the fam. could incourage  her to tell her OBGYN. But we need something valad  to go on. She knows it all @ 20 and single . sanaclause-young grandmother. Addiction is in our family, so this is not a surprise. But it is a unborn baby that may need saved. Please help if you know any stats.  Thankyou.


    What are you talking about, you don't need stats, just don't smoke, it the baby's life which is a stake not self gratification.

    B.M., it's her granddaughter, not her.

    Have you failed to read all the stuff Colleen wrote on this ? How much more honest can some one be . Stats you want numbers on this ???? Its bad news period ! She is placing at a sever disadvantage for life a human being . Bad health bad education and a life time of illness and poverty for what ?

    Sorry i said something, on to the next question.

    Do you really want this baby to be as wacky as you are??

    Quit now!

    During the first month the cells are replicating but the cells have not begun to differentiate into specific organs.  I am worried more about the fake pot and incense then any alcohol or real pot she ingested- the stuff she has been using are poisons.  She should stop any drugs and alcohol now.  There is help available for any addictions she may have.  Dealing with a know it all 20 year old is never easy.  Does she want the baby?

    Don’t worry about a thing. Just call your doctor ... (oh, it was 4 months ago)  When you have a worry go to your doctor immediately.

    Smoking any substance is unhealthy for the fetus and all have similar symptoms and dangers. I found out that my neice was secretly pregnant and doing drugs. I brought her to the hospital and had her checked out in the ER. I also told the attending that she was actively doing drugs. He was grateful for the information because no doctor wants to be surprised with a patients history at time of delivery. My family wasn't so happy with me but they eventually got over it knowing that I had her best interest and the unborn childs interest in mind. Hopefully, everything works out well for your grand-daughter and her child and that she gets help for her drug use. Drug use affects an entire family and eventually an entire community. Good luck, my thoughts and prayers are with you and the family.

    "The mother of a Fort Wayne boy who was found floating in a southwest Allen County pond says her son was smoking synthetic marijuana — or spice — before he died." "More than 11,000 people ended up in emergency rooms after using synthetic marijuana in 2010."  How much of an idiot does someone have to be, to still be on this sh*t. 

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