my fiance she said like me but but she could nt decide to marry me ??

    first when i ask  her , she was ready to marry me but later after from our engage  one month she decided to break the engage and later one year she said to me let us try i said ok and then one month later she said she like me but she could nt decide, she like more time  . what do advice to me pleas  ??????

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    When in doubt.....don't!!!!!   That needs to apply to both of you.  Don't try to convince her to marry you....she is not ready so leave it be.

    Give her more time.  If you are supposed to be together then you will be.  If you are not then you will find the right person for you and she will for herself.  You can't force these things... it only turns out badly.  Live your life, do the things you have always wanted to do and if you spend time with each other, make the most of that time.

    Good Luck.

    Tell her to take all the time she needs.  
    YOU, on the other hand, are to move on and meet new people, try new things, and chalk her up as the wrong choice.  
    WHEN she returns for Round 3, you tell her YOU have changed YOUR mind.  

    WoW it sounds like a painful situation for you.  Has she explained why she keeps deciding to leave you.  It sounds to me like she does not want (or is not ready for) a committed relationship.  Marriage isn't just is a lot of hard work at times- and if she can't (or won't) join you in that work your marriage will fail.  It takes two people who not only love one another but are close friends with each other to enjoy the good times and work through the tough times.  I married someone who could not handle (and refused to work through) the tough times.  We are now going through a divorce.

    I would say it is time to move on, the word LIKE needs to change to LOVE, and sad to say i donot think your girl feels that way, but good luck with the rest of your life.

    You are all in or all out ! Have as much fun as you can for as long as you can is my advice . Its your life your memories so stack up as many good ones as you can . This one may be just for fun and training who knows ,call it a learning experience or a long audition. Dont spend a boat load of money . You can buy a woman but ,those women are called hookers .  Best of luck .   Bill

    Say goodbye and find someone else. She's not in love with you.

     I would consider all the suggestions above very carefully it's all very good and sound advise.  There are no easy answers.  Good Luck.

    Plenty of fish in the ocean.  Nexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxt.

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