There must be some times in your life when you think to yourself,  "Why bother?" with a person, task, or situation.   But you DO bother.   What/who was it and why DID you bother?  Did you make a difference? Would you "bother" again??

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    It's important to bother to persevere when a friend has a problem and is set on ignoring it. My friend didn't want to go to the doctor, so I hounded him for three months. Finally he went and found out that he has cancer.

    I understand that it can be frustrating at times, but if you care about your friends or family and want what's best for them, then keep bothering. Sometimes they will actually thank you, other times the end result may be nothing or you could even loose a friend.

    I just think if you really care about people and want to help them, it's just the way you are built and there's nothing wrong with caring. There is far to many selfish people in the world, so just be yourself and do what you think is right. It's easy to quit, but that only hardens your heart to others, sometimes it's best to do the more difficult thing.


    This question has only been posted for 20 minutes, but I can't fathom a better answer. Thank you, leeroy. You inspire me daily.

    Wow, thanks so much Bob, that made my day! xoxo

    I can't help but bother... I am one of those people.  I don't walk away from tasks or people easily.  Situations, now... if they are not healthy for me... I walk away quickly.

    I stuck by my sister and that didn't make one spit of difference.  I didn't give up because I loved her.

    Le' Sigh...


    Let the bothering begin....

    If i didn't bother, i would not have my grandson in my care.

    Hindsight has proven time and time again that doing nothing is a good course of action . I have been disappointed many times when the course of action chosen was to do something . Iam trying to recall when I regretted doing nothing ,so far no luck . If you block or change the course of something be prepared to suffer the consequences . Life's disasters are lessons for the intended and interfering is rarely good for either person. I am about to discover ,that someone I have helped with huge sums of money has been lying the whole time . Would I do it again ? No!  Never !    Bill


    Those are the times when you really do ask yourself, why DID I bother. Sorry about the liar, Bill. Most of us get duped at least once.

    I don,t bother really. Too much bother.

    You reap what you sew, what goes around comes around, that's reason enough for me..

    I bother. Helping people is rewarding even if it is just in your own heart.

    I saw a guy on the side of the freeway just last week.He had a load of furniture on a trailer which was coming undone.He admitted he had no idea about ropes so I re-tied his load for him.He was so impressed he offerd me money which I declined so he gave me a pack of cigarettes,Lucky I'm still a smoker.


    Good experience! What goes around comes around. There are so many good people here, and you are one of them!

    There are times when I'd think to myself...why bother? But, if it is the right thing to do, it is the right thing to do...especially if it helping someone. Sometime later on, we find that it was good that we did reach out to help someone, as no one else did.


    Would they just let me give two "best answers"

    I do thing for other if I know it will help them, like remove snow from my neighbor driveway, or giving someone a hand at doing a project.I don't expect anything in return. My guess it just the way I am.

    Yes, i did bother to help somebody change a flat tire.  I made those involved life a little bit easier to cope with a stressful situation. 

    I bother because it always comes back to haunt me if I don't..................


    N.S. !!

    I do "bother" because in general I care and interested in people that I interact with, in getting anything that I can have an impact better: myself, my life (family, friends, work), the place where I live (home, neighborhood,city,state, country).

    I was going to answer this but everyone else has given good answers so why bother.


    It's no bother.

    Why, indeed! :D

    Yes I bother. When my daughter or grandson moved in with me after a divorce and had nowhere else to go.


    They were blessed in spite of the tragedy around them.

    My job requires me to bother, sometimes I go the extra mile and stick my neck out for something I think is morally right or may change someones quality of of life or improve it in some way, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, the people I work with are unable to say thank you or show gratitude, Ive often been assaulted by them (as has many of us) but as long as I continue to work there, so I will continue to bother.

    Oh Bob, why should I bother to answer your question?  hahahahahahahaha

    Seriously, sometimes I bother...sometimes I don't.  I have "bothered" and it has not even been acknowledged....I have "bothered" and been thanked profusely. Sometimes, my help has made a huge difference, other times, only a little. It's not that I'm seeking thanks but it's always nice to hear that little word.  Regardless, I still do "bother" at times.


    May I profusely, yet gently and sincerely, thank you for answering my question! :D
    Your Canadian cousins flew over my house yesterday heading north. Spring is near!!


    IF I did not bother.. my house would fall down around me, I know no one else will.

    So many compassionate souls here. Bless you all. I help when I can, for selfish reasons, It makes me feel good. Most times those I have helped have reciprocated. Screw me over and you will see first hand what "Satan" has in store for you.


    You are always you. Wouldn't want you any other way.
    ed shank

    How nice. Signed: horned one.

    I "Bother to go out of my way to Help someone in Need .You get that feel good "Factor .Nice to be Nice It would be great if everybody in this "World felt the "Same.


    Isn't it interesting how we can benefit by helping someone....just feeling better!

    Bob...yep. That's what keeps people doing volunteer work also. :)

    thats whats its all about.Ducka.You do feel good after helping someone.

    Why bother? My Sis turned her back on her best friend.  She is hooked on RX drugs and my sister can't be bothered.  Her friend asked me for help, so yes I have involved myself.  Got her into Rehab (what a pain that and lack of) She is out now now and struggling.  Yes receiving calls and hearing things I would much rather not hear. And I plan to stick it out, her life depends on it. Would I do it again? YES.  She is worth it everyone is.  


    You have a huge responsibility helping this friend. My prayers that she continue struggling on the path to sobriety. You are right: her life depends on it. Thank you for bothering!

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