are monsters real, if so send me a pic

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    Yes and I can't.  I destroyed all the photos of my ex-husband a long time ago.

    He has since retired from monsterdom and is apparently a nice guy now.

    I got rid of the pictures along with the husband..........

    When that two timing, soul sucking ,man eating ,daughter of Satan ,she devil ,left I burned her pictures when I put a curse on her . Used a half pint of my own blood . Should have known it was time to run after that time we went to church and she put her hand in the holy water and that big explosion happened. Blew the whole wall down and her arm was black for a week . Yes there are monsters and I kissed one . Hopefully by now shes back in hell where she belongs .    Sorry no pictures .   Bill



    He is not a monster.

              why you did'nt post a picuture of you

    yes  they  are  real  i  saw  one  last  month  at  night

    Yes. You did not say cartoon or real. And yes, people can be monsters too, Jack the Ripper, Charles Manson, depends on how they are categorized.  Wives deride their husbands with the words "you are monster" when the husband forgets the wedding anniversary. They do exist. Cartoons, the cookie monster my favorite  on "sesame street".  Check them all out on the web. pictures galore!.

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