It's Party Time for Peoplelover!!! Happy Birthday Mate!

    Have a great one!!! 


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    23 Answers

    Happy Birthday to ROO

    Happy Birthday to ROO

    Happy Birthday Dear cOZin

    Happy Birthday to ROO.

    CONGRATS  COZ, many more I hope.

    KOTF respect to KOTR.

    Happy Birthday!!! Have a Fabulous day and an awesome year!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday you ole coot! I hope it's been a good one. (*~*)

    Have a drink on me.......or two !!  Happy birthday, Peoplelover :) !!!!


    I,m having one for you right now

    Happy Happy .  Birthday Birthday . Peoplelover Peoplelover!!  That was double the wishes to you!!!!       :):)

    ""Happy birthday, Peoplelover.

    Happy birthday from a happy adopted american!


    Happy Birthday Peoplelover""hope you had a good one.Cheers.


    Thanks for you gift BUT BUT as a true blue Aussie you should have got the cake made in OZ not China.
    How do I know?
    The Federation star has 7 points. 1 for each of the states and one for the Northern Territory.
    So do the others stars except the small one, which by the way is on the left as you view the flag not the right.
    But as they say it is the thought that counts. Love to you xxxxx and damnation to Chinese cake makers.

    And may there be many happy returns of the day,Old Mate!

    Quite an achievment!



    PS. A rum & coke (or 2) at the RSL will be quite in order.Wish I was there to shout.

    Happy birthday Peoplelover!!! Have a great day!!

    Happy Birthday !!!! Best wishes for a wonderful day .         Bill

    Hippo Birdie two ewes, repeat and celebrate for a week, this is the new rule.....jhh

    Many hoppy returns King of the Roos!

    Hope you have a "Happy Birthday" and many more to come.

    Best wishes 'ol boy , have a drink or two for me, hoping you had a great birthday. PL.:)

    Have a great day, and down a few at the pub to celebrate

    Cool Happy Birthday Mate..

    I really thought it was a joke about your birthday being on leap day. OK then Happy Birthday Peoplelover.

    Happy Happy Birthday

    CONGRATULATIONS, with me being in England i soppose my slice of the cake will be an upside down one??.


    It,ll be finished, it,s thursday in OZ!

    Well my cake should be here yesterday then

    Probably the day after.


    Happy Birthday Peoplelover! Hope your day is great !


    Hope you are feeling better.

    Happy Birthday Peoplelover,all the best to you,have a good one and many more to come...

    Happy Birthday Peoplelover! Hope your day was spectacular!!!

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