If you were going bald would you wear a wig? (also known as a syrup!)

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    why is it called a syrup? never heard that before

    Syrup of fig =wig rhyming slang

    nope, me either

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    No comb overs ,no wigs ,the lady who cuts my hair has agreed  to shave my head bald  buff it good throw some sun screen on and give a good massage when that day comes . Each to their own ,but this is the way I intend to go . I vote No .


    bluesman, excellent choice and bravo on the decision you worked out with your stylist. Balding or bald men are sexier anyway!! Don't ask why.....Can't say here.

    You betcha!

    No, maybe a hat though.


    Hafta be a cowboy hat...

    I'm not going bald, I am (mostly) bald. Hairdresser just cuts that which remains real short. Doesn't bother me one bit.

    If my hair were thinning drastically, hopefully BEFORE it got to that point, I would invest in products that might help thicken my hair. 
    Being that a waste of time and money, I would consider investing in a wig; having "my" hair thick, long, and luxurious would be a treat for a while.
    I think it would be uncomfortably warm, though, so I'd end up flaunting the pate or covering with scarf or hat. 
    (I hope I am never faced with this dilemma.) 


    I don't think my head is a very appealing shape to be bald. I think wigs would be itchy. So, I would go with hats. Very fun hats!

    amazing how many lumpy bald heads there are

    If I go bald I want a crazy hat party!  So that I will have many whacky hats to wear!

    sure would, and hats and scarves and anything else that took my fancy, why not if it makes you feel good about yourself

    I went bald twice with chemotherapy,I wore a scarf. Wigs feel hot.


    I love the stuff that can be done with scarves, they can look great

    Take a little off the side and put it on the top, is what i tell my barber..!!

    I am bald, I wouldn't bother with a wig, but I do wear a hat when the weather is cold, and when the sun is out in the summer time to protect my head from sunburn.

    Yes, if I were losing my hair, I'd invest in myriad 

    wigs of various lengths, styles and colours. They'd

     be an accessory. Raquel Welch used to sell

    (not sure if she still does) the most beautiful,

    natural looking wigs. Party on!!! :)


    Dont you find your head gets itchie though,Dardaigh

    I've never owned a wig, Hector, so I can't say but I'm sure the newer ones are probably lightweight and airy.

    Back in the late 1700s, when they wore towering, powdered (with flour!) wigs, I think they used to use something like a knitting needle to scratch their scalp, without disturbing their coiffeurs.

    only joking Dardaigh,I bet you have nice black hair,and long,

    Nope......jaw length and platinum blonde, Hector.

    Yes i see it now ,with green eyes,

    Funny you say that...a few weeks ago there was a question about blue eyes. I checked mine in the mirror and they're greenish blue...or greyish blue ...or bluish blue, depending on my mood or what I'm wearing.

    Here in the states there are many ways of putting a mop on your cranium. 'Wigs' are old school, they don't call them that anymore, wigs are now known a 'replacement hair systems. 

    There's nothing wrong with a person male or female wearing a replacement system if it helps their confidence in everyday life.  No different than false teeth or a boob job. Go for it!! today's 'systems' are totally 100% undetectable.

    I was born with a wig, no worries. (also known as stress-baldness)

    I am rarely seen without a baseball cap.What little hair I have left I wear very short.I don't wear the 'ball cap out of vanity.I wear it to prevent sunburn on the top of my head.I would never be bothered with wearing a rug.

    Absolutely. But I'd insist on it looking as natural as Donald Trump's.

    lambshank, syrup- 'syrup of fig' = wig.

    Cockney rhyming slang , anyone have any other examples?



    trouble in strife=wife

    Gregory Peck - The back of the neck.:)

    bag of fruit.....suit

    Not this little black, sorry. grey duck.

    Silver and proud of it.


    Runs in the family.

    Are you questioning from a male or ffemale point of view??......or both??   AS a female,  NEVER.  There are too many tricks and products you can use to enhance your own hair,  Utilize them and be yourself.   :->


    Yes, I would wear a wig if I had cancer treatments and lost my hair that way. (I'm a female.)

    How do you enhance hair that is no longer there? If you are going bald, you have hair missing so there is nothing to enhance!

    Ducky, there are ways of doing so......hope, it's t's not too late!!!!!!


    I have been "follically challenged" for some 25 yrs, and find no reason to hide the fact.  "You know there is a male hormone called testosterone, it has many purposes, one is to grow hair, it also is responsible for the male sex drive, go ahead, waste it on growing hair, if you want, I choose not to use it for that!"

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