So many different people's on this site. What are your opinions of Americans? No BS please.

    My last trip out of the country was to visit family in Germany. They were quite outspoken about our government, to the point of insulting. They resented the fact that we are able to accumulate more material things, cars, toys, etc; I got the impression that they thought we had trees that grew money, and we need not work. What do you guys really think about Americans? Were thick skinned, tell it like it is.

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    We're thick skinned to a point. Some are not so thick skinned. Tell it like it is without hurtful insults or using this question as a chance to simply trash America. Not all Americans are the same. Not all are rich and not all are poor. The middle class is shrinking but it's still there. Not all are natural born. Some are even Germans (lest Germany forget). Not all Americans are their government and not all voted for Obama. Americans are generous and many care about other nations. Some even understand the plight of the Muslims who do not agree with their government and do not agree with all parts of their religion. I think for the most part, Americans are good people. How we are represented over seas in their media is not always true. Do we have bad and evil? Or course we do. As all countries do. Except for maybe Switzerland. Does anyone not like that country? Anyway, no matter what you feel about America and Americans, keep it respectful and not hurtful. It is after all one huge melting pot with people from every nation in the world living in it.
    ed shank

    Colleen, your losing it, What in the world would make you think that I would post a question to purposely trash MY country. I asked for honesty, that's all. I AM thick skinned and take any justified criticism.

    This was not directed to you Ed. This was for any people who come to this forum to check it out or for lurkers who just read who may hate American or have an agenda against it. We have the whole world that reads this forum. I was speaking to anyone who might feel the need to attack America through this question.
    Why would you even believe this would be for you?

    Colleen/Sharon, The Aussies may sometimes say things which may be hurtful, but don't fret we normally only remember the good things when visiting a country, i know i do.(sometimes). i loved the states and the people when i went there , not much different to Aus. i would love to meet the Americans on this site.
    ed shank

    Colleen, My apologies. After reading it devoid of Bud in my system, it reads differently. Again my apology.

    colleen i love this answer to this question. it is not easy being a moderator. god bless your heart and wisdom that you share with us all!

    OK B.M., I understand. By the way, I have only one name here. It's Colleen. Nothing more needs to be added. My pic is my pic because like yours, I think it's a fun one to have. Plus Sharon looked exceedingly hot in that movie. :)

    Thank you tabber. I appreciate your words :)

    Colleen, Sharon Stone was great in The Quick and the Dead, unlike Russell Crowe he was B awful --- can i say, i 'm going to say it any way--- Lighten up a bit, you will do yourself an injury, it only a forum.

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    When i was in Europe i found the visiting Americans Loud and Obnoxious,  but when i went to the states , you were generous, inquisitive, fabulous people, the only thing that upset me was a woman asking where Australia was, northern or southern hemispere. i went to Las Vegas, and at breakfast an old guy from Arizona was listening to my ex. and i talking, he reach across to our table and asked 'where are you folks from', we told him and the next thing he was telling every body there . ' these folks are from Australia, we didn't know where to look as Aussies don't generally talk to strangers at other tables, the next thing a family from L.A. invites us to eat breakfast at their table, they asked us all the questions under the sun concernimg OZ, out of the whole trip i will never forget the kindness and the generosity of these Americans having breakfast with us, i only hope one day to return the wonderfui gesture.

    I spent enough time there to realize not all Americans are millionaires.In fact the level of poverty surprised me. I found most Yanks to be generous,decent people not that much different from us.As soon as they realize you are an Australian you are generally bombarded with a thousand questions (Which I was happy to answer).As people in general I find them likeable.(Apart from one over Zealous security guard who really pissed me off).

    ed shank

    Tommyh, poverty we have no shortage of. I will ferret out the guard, you won't have anymore trouble with him.

    I always wondered what Australian people thought of Crocodile Dundee ?

    Crocodile Dundee? He's about as Australian as McDonalds.

    Bluesman, Crocodile Dundee was an insult to intelligence, Australians are nothing like this wacka, it was a lot of croc.



    Fishlet, I live about 1/2 hour , or 25 miles from the Canadian border. Have been there many , many times.Love the civility of Canada

    No, BS. I think American people on a whole are nice. Not everyone is educated, not everyone is poor, it's just like any other Western country in the world, who have their havenots and have's. I think the people whom you visited were pretty lacking in education on other countries. Of course those types are everywhere. When I visited the US years ago, I found them very helpful and concerned if they thought you were in trouble.

    I bet y,all would like a bit of Scottish ancestry eH? A lot of Americans have it I hear!

    Well! I love you all, and I mean ALL that I know !

    Myself, dowsa, and nomdeplume are your little bit of Scottish.



    I've got some Scot blood! Mostly Irish but at leat a 1/4 Scot! But I would love to visit Your Beautiful country and banter with you! Your humor is AWESOME.

    It seems to me that, unless you visit a place and "hobnob" with the people, you don't really know outside of what the media feeds you.   My son traveled across the US two summers ago and says people here are the same everywhere you go with scant exception.  Working in stores, restaurants, at parties, as an usher, teacher, and as a tax preparer, I interact with many people and some of them embarrass me with their poor manners. I try not be one of those people when I'm on the other side of the service line.  
    If you want to hang out with people who are going to accept you for just being human, join a bowling league.  You'll find people from nearly every walk of American life, and you'll find yourself a great big family.   
    Whatever you do, please don't judge us by our political "leaders".  They poorly represent the real American.   

    I have no malice toward Americans, or anyone else for that matter, I'm very grateful we as Australians are allied with America, there are however individuals I have met  of all races I have no respect for, the only thing about Americans I can personally complain about is my Aussie spelling has got a whole lot worse!!!  addit the timing is bad, by the time I'm awake, the questions are old


    I feel the same way about the questions being old. It's 4:15 AM and I fell asleep at 11:30. At least I have a lot of answers to enjoy.

    I have not met many, but i used to talk to them quite a lot in the early eighties on the c b and i converse with some on this forum, cant think of a reason to dislike them  and i enjoy swapping different points of view with folk on the other side of the pond

    I am an American but, I believe the comment about us starting wars etc., should be pointed at the government and not the people. It's governments that start wars, not the people. I think most Americans would like to avoid war at almost any cost. Americans are all immigrants from other countries excluding the American Indians.

    Only met one once, while working in a gaming bar, here, in oz....nice enough guy, although he seemed a little displeased at the choice of spirits in the bar. He didn't yell, scream, demand or anything like that. The look on his face gave away his feelings.

    I'm not touching this one, thin or thick skinned, I don't know.............


    A wise decision.

    I have been to States a couple of times on holidays to South. In general, I found people, friendly, very help full. I love the food.


    Many many years ago, I had a classmate who has since been to your country many times. This link might interest you.

    Hi Flip, Thank you for link, intresting to read.

    I think it like Colleen said , well almost except for those who think they above everyone else,seem like they got too solve all world affair, by going to war making them self superior to other nation.

    ed shank

    No other country had the resources to help so many countries in need. The US has always been there to help those who needed it. Our government has made decisions that were unpopular with many Americans. The wars in sand land obviously. We have fed more people than any other country to the best of my knowledge. We dispense medicines, all at no cost to anyone except the American people. We have sacrificed our blood so that others would not have to live in tyranny. Perhaps our pride in who we are is mistaken for the appearance of superiority.

    I believe English people have raised quite a bit of money to feed other countries,as well as the U S A
    , l also seem to remember we have lost troops in sand land as you put it, i didnot realise this question was about which country had done the most for the rest of world

    Good for you Lewboy, as soon as I started to read Eds` comments the exact same thought as yours` came to mind.
    Double thumbs up.
    To Ed I respect your right to express your opinion but your "We are the greatest thing since sliced bread" is the reason a small number of your people rub a lot of other people the wrong way.
    There is a world wide opinion that the greatest export from the US is the very thing you asked not be included in our answers. Bull S..t.
    This is not the fault of anyone but your few brash overstated loudmouths.
    I have never been to the US and as far as your cities are concerned I have no desire to do so, your "real" country outside the cities , yes I would like to see.
    If you really want honesty, and I assume you do, then from the number of people from the US that are on this site obviously carrying a lot of "baggage" there is a real lack of self worth in many people.

    I abhor the "gung ho" attitude of the "gun toting shoot `em dead" that comes through in many answers. "I have a gun and not afraid to use it"

    Trust me you should be.

    Your law enforcement, as portrayed by the cops and robbers on TV and movies is shocking in the extreme.
    Obviously the makers of these shows take a degree of license but where there is smoke there has to be fire.
    These shows are all wrong? Well why do you allow it to be spread like a cancer destroying your true face.
    The "reality" shows are no better and do little to show your true colours.

    As far as Crocodile Dundee and the like are concerned anyone who takes them to be serious need their head read. Where as the NCIS, CSI and the like give no indication that they are tongue in cheek.

    As far as people go in the US, I think most of them are very nice and helpful., but I dont know why your relatives are resentful of people who have accumulated some wealth. American people have to work harder and many more long hours to make ends meet. I have some fairly wealthy relatives in Germany. Theire younger generation have all cars and go on extented vacations every year.

    They also believe that the US government schould not get involved in wars that dont make sense.


    I think most Americans would agree about us not getting in wars that don't make sense. There is so much we don't get told about WHY we are sent to destroy or be destroyed. I only know of one specific time when USA was asked to help and turned away....when the Ottoman Turks invaded Armenia around 1917. US STILL won't acknowledge that holocaust... Turkish air space is too important to us.
    ed shank

    Your right. They do have much vacation time. We work like dogs to have a few toys. I had five vehicles and owned three pieces of property the last time they visited me. They were pissed, you could see it in their faces. I had to remind them that I was busting my ass for forty years while they were vacationing for six weeks out of every year. Even my uncle who was a senior VP for Proctor and Gamble German division, till he passed away was amazed at what Americans in general lived like. He was not poor man by any stretch. That a plumber here could achieve the same wealth as he took him by surprise.
    ed shank

    I hired a guy who was Armenian. Several weeks into his employment, we had a conversation that eventually revealed that my father was Turkish. He left the table cleaned out his desk and left. There's no time table on hatred.

    Bob, I did some research on the invasion of Armenia. I saw pictures and documentation of that holocaust and it brought tears to my eyes. The turks were never held accountible for causing the death of 1 million 500 thousand people and the horrific way they died. Why is this never mentioned anywhere in the news? Where any of your family member killed in that holocaust?

    Ann, Most of us Americans are against our gov getting into phony B.S. wars too. It's a terrible waste of human lives and money.

    On a prior thread, I came to realize we "Yanks" are referred by the Australians as Septic Tanks. I researched the title and found that was true. Would someone care to tell me why?


    FLIP do you know what a septic tank does.

    Bulletman: I do, and I also know what it is filled with.

    Don't worry about it, Aussie slang is in rhymes, and that was the only one that rhymed with yank.
    ed shank

    That's funny, never heard that.

    Thinking that through, it's compliment as long as you don't take it personally. Kinda?

    That's funny!

    This is an example of Cockney Rhyming Slang which has obviously travelled to Oz from London. Other examples : apples and pears= stairs, butcher's hook= look, plates of meat = feet. Anyone got any more?

    Nondeplume, if an Aussie calls you China, he is calling you a Mate----- China Plate- Mate.

    When I (US citizen) was in Paris a Parisian woman said she didn't understand English.  I spent about 5 minutes trying to get directions- finally she burst out laughing and told me in Perfect English what I had asked- it was funny and I burst out laughing.  I asked her directions in English and she gave them to me in English.  I thanked her and she apologized for being rude to me at response was, as an American I needed to apologize because if you visit the US (most areas) If you don't speak English you're in trouble because many people only speak English.  She smiled gave me a hug and said "finally I get to meet a kind American".


    Or Spanish!

    Parlwz vous francaise mon monsirire? please pardon my spelling- horrid teacher don'tu know!!!

    Little Doo, the french in Paris are like that to any one who can't speak French, i had a communication problem with them too, as long as you try your best with them, they really appreciate it, with an Aussie accent i was already behind the eight ball, trying to speak French.

    Ed, My Grandma came from Germany, and she used to say that back in Germany , they all thought that in America, the streets were paved with gold.


    lam sure that was London England (puss in boots) lol

    MC, that was a long time ago.

    Hey cat... which border? It would be so amazing if yours was close to mine!

    I had an American girlfriend once and she was the sweetest girl I ever knew. She got fed up with waiting for me to marry her, so she met someone else ( an American) and now has a happy marriage, two kids and Jesus. We still keep in touch by e-mail. One other thing, she could spell and knew geography , and she was as hot as a scalded rattlesnake.

    The only Americans I have met have been those visiting the UK or those that were stationed hear during the 50s and 60s 70s. they all seemed nice enough to me, and they certainly helped defend us during that time. My sons have both visited the states, and they were inpressed with the way they were treated and welcomed, they got the idea that Americans didn't always know what was going on in the rest of the world. I have always felt that they are very close friends of the British, and I hope it always stays that way.

    USA is not perfect, only the greatest country in the world and its envy. As a whole, American people is the greatest and most generous in the world. Of course there are lots of bad apples too.. USA is the most popular destination of all emigrants - legal and ilegal - in the world.



    Americans are the bomb.  They are the greatest.  They are the funnest!  They love to celebrate everything.  American has been through so many changes in the last 600 hundred years. The history is facinating.  From Columbus coming over and being sent back to his country and coming over again.  Travelers conquering the indigenous people, the indians. Bringing  the Africans over on ships and enslaving them and now having an half African president.  That's why so many are mad.  The people that use to be slaves are now leaders.  However, most Americans hate prejudice and try to fight it.  Americas now tend to appreciate each other, particularly because of the fast changes that keep taking place in this country.  Most American are great beautiful people and learning how to be tolerate of others.  Any body can become rich in this country if they know how to market something.  As Don King famously says, "Only in America!"


    Tabber, as Henry FORD said,' paint it red, white and blue , Americans will buy it'.

    It's sad, the part about the Europeans wiping out the Native Americans adn their buffalo.It was genocide :-(

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