To all those who silently go the extra mile to care for loved ones I salute you !!!!!! Doing the right thing often goes unnoticed. You are the silent heros of this world ,and we would not make it without you . For those who have given year upon year of their lives to do the right thing there is no applause long enough or loud enough to say THANK YOU properly . For all those long days and difficult years ,I wish to say as loudly as I can THANK YOU!!!!!!! We may disagree here from time to time ,t

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    thanks for the hoorah, & yes carers do often go un-noticed, we are usually classed as "home-makers" - or worse - its said loudly - you still live at home with your parents!!? & its not thanks we want, but recognition, & that mostly from "the powers that be" - because we are under-paid, largely un-recognized & un-noticed. i for one, would not wish back a single year of care, & i dont think others would either, we do it because we love the person we are caring for, & if we have regrets, its usually because we wish we could have done more or better.

    Yes ,I can only imagine the stack of moments that makes up the years . My comments were out of line earlier and not deserved . I humbly apologise these words are my olive branch . Bill

    branch taken.

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    I applaud them all.


    hey that's make stars when you clap

    You don't make stars when you clap?

    (clap harder)

    drag that star toward you...

    I applaud all the care givers of the world Bill,you,re friend did an exceptional job,I hope he/she has moved on and now live their own life.

    I recall Colleen saying she looked after her Grandmother, or was it Grandfather for years.

    Personally I looked after my Grandmother for 3 weeks and it was too much for myself and my family at the time ( she had Dementia ) she passed away a short time after she left us, one of my many regrets.

    Take care Bill.



    Romos- Dementia is one of the all time hardest diseases! Caring for someone who has it is extremely difficult! Please go easy on yourself!!!

    I'm not so sure I could have handle my grandfather alone if he had had dementia. Thanks for remembering my story in the other thread ;)

    This was for Dacia a member here . She shared her story and I thought this would be nice

    I know of two people who are doing this at the moment.  Truly amazing women.  They are my heros and amazing roll models.

    Indeed you are correct may god bless all the of the unspoken heroes.

    Thanks t...I will certainly join you..and salute to you!

    thanks to you too, Bluesman!!! :)

    Thank you bluesman. I took care of my mother with Alzheimers for eight years,. It was hard at times but I never regrettet doing it. It made me understand about life and how fragile it can be.


    You are a hero!!!!!

    Thank you. I did it out of love for my mother. She was the greatest mother anyone could ever have.

    You would be including my 21 year old son (yes, the nut who thinks he can make a fortune at roulette).  He has been the main caregiver, chauffeur, and bodyguard for his 93 year old grandmother for over 2 1/2 years.  It's getting hard for him as her cognizance deteriorates, and she can be very rude and disagreeable. 
    My friend promised his mother that he would take care of HER sister. He has had "Aunt Betty" with him for several years.  She has serious dementia. I don't know how he manages to keep a smile on his face no matter what she's up to, or when.  

    ANYONE who can maintain an even disposition with the challenges often encountered in care has my complete awe and respect. Ann, ROOS, Colleen, you have special homes in Heaven, whether you believe it or not!


    Thanks for including me Bob but if I am to believe what the bible says as I've been told I should, unless I accept Christ, I won't be going to heaven. The good deeds and the love I put out will not matter over not accepting Christ apparently. I'll still do good with all my love anyway. I'm not scared, I'll still love God and all his creations. That's good enough for me.
    My spot in heaven can go to a Christian. :)

    That special home will just stay empty. :D

    No, no, I'm a sharer! Give it to someone more deserving than I :)

    Like I'm going to have any say-so! :D

    Thankyou, we care for our little granddaughter 24 hours a day, seven days a week. She is like a daughter of mine.

    THANKS Bluesman. i will pass it on to my partner, she is a carer in Pallative care, i am very proud of what she does.

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