I am a old white man ,I would like to be eligable for some protected class so no one can say anything that offends me . I want lots of respect when I am entitled to none . When my actions make me a criminal I wish to be protected and exempt from any hurtful comments by others . Please can anyone tell me how to accomplish this . I would also like some free stuff as well.

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    I received some free stuff just last year... I have a balsa wood plane model (Canada 3000 airplane... That company no longer exists)... I have covers for (I think) car stereo players with the emblems of NHL Teams.  I have a very old case for insurance papers that has never been used with someone else's name on it... I have a free bowling coupon for the local bowling alley which will be the location for a film shoot in about 10 days from now.  I have Ninja buttons.  If you would like any of these extremely useful items just contact me through this forum.

    As for the rest I can only vow that I will not call you names or insult you in any way shape or form.

    I will give you loads and loads of respect ... I will even refer to you as Emperor Bluesman 1951.  (You didn't earn it but that's ok by me).

    If I write anything that I may think could potentially offend you I will contact you ahead of time warning you not to read my comments although I can't protect you from my "alien question" answers, you will just have to avoid them on your own.

    That's the best I can do... seriously those Ninja buttons ....... you need!


    This made my day . Still laughing !!!!!!!! Thanks !!!!

    As I've told you before, click the report abuse button. You also have my e-mail address. You saw me tell the people "no preaching on akaQA". They are not being allowed to get away with it. If I've missed something said to you that is hurtful, send me an e-mail directing me to it or click the report abuse button. You are just as protected here as anyone else is.


    Tongue in cheek humour,and you missed it totally. I am quite capable of advanced verbal judo ,and require no assistance what so ever . I am taking a friendly poke at the "Protected Ones " I have a alligator thick hide when it comes to verbal barbs . I dont deal well with being misunderstood ,as I take great care to be quite clear . My question is factual ,sincere ,and I really wish to know how to do this .I stand by it

    I've just seen these posts or yours too much when you were really ticked off to not take this one seriously. I do have to address these kind of things when they come through.

    Apparently I do not have an answer for you. I hope someone else can help you out here.

    you have it all from me, but I'm afraid the only free stuff I can offer is some dog eared posters for equality in the workforce, or freedom of the night.......that ones got some great colours though!  p.s your not that old

    If you sit on your butt all day and get a girl friend to have a half dozen kids for you, you can get all kind of free things from the tax payers.


    You totally missed the humour. God are you busted ,and here is your answer for the world to see. You just dont get it. You swallowed the hook and half the line too. Was havin fun ,sorry you missed the humour. Try readin all that again ,it might get clear. This is too good to believe . Thanks for your answer !!!!!
    Headless Man

    I understand you were being funny, but there is a scary bit of truth in there that to many people do, I should have added LOL at the end.......

    Your question has a familiar ring to it. I've heard this from many old white guys. Being white means, you must be politically correct. If your not, your a "Hater" and all the other labels that are out there. Many feel that a double standard exists, the past should be put where it belongs, in the pages of history. We have been in a new chapter, but no one's listening on the other end.


    Not sure I fully understand . All I really want is to be protected so when some one says something or calls me honky ,cracker its a very bad deal for them . I wish to be called Mr or Sir all the time ,get tons of respect even though I am nearly homeless. Did I mention I speak klingon and finding the bathrooms is difficult .Some signs in my language would be helpful .Do you some directions to the free stuff locations ?

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