What is a wack job ? Is it meant to be a suppository or a derogitory retort?

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    why ask after you"ve already made use of the word?


    Dacia After reading about your care of your Mother and others I posted a Salute to care givers in one of my questions. That was meant for you, my compliments for a job above and beyond . In spite of our disagreement I have the greatest respect for you . Bill

    Wack job is like nut bar, nut case, wing nut, loser baby....derogatory.


    HMMMMMMMMMMMMM I was hoping for more colour Bill

    Ding bat, Special kind of nut, Poo Poo head, Stinky face, Mosquito larvae (which is also blood worms ... fish food).

    Descriptive of someone who is a little out there, as in acts like a nut case, not acting rationally.

    Elevator doesn't reach the penthouse.
    One card shy of a full deck
    Not the brightest crayon in the box
    Dumber than a box of rocks (or kleenex)

    You included the phrase in one of your questions today.  What did YOU mean by it? 


    nothing at all, just replying to critiscim.

    Dacia: ??????? My answer is directed to bluesman1951. He asked this question.

    I answered a religious question ,found myself in a mine field. I was misunderstood and found myself on the wrong end of what should have been a nice exchange .People read between the lines and take things out of context.That phrase came out in the exchange ,I know what it means to me ,I wished to see what it meant to others . Sounds rather unkind by your definition,perhaps it should not be used by me in a off handed way . Thank you for the enlightenment . Bill

    Yeah, I kinda wandered over there and was almost speechless with what I was reading. I hope this has mellowed out.

    Short (sort of) for Whacko...we all know what one of those is.  :)

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