Should i leave this website permanently? I am thinking much about this. I will not post any other questions until I get an answer.

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    If you wish?


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    I just went through your questions.  You receive a lot of responses.  Sometimes we have to wait as the other members are busy.

    If you leave that is your choice.

    I wouldn't tell anyone to leave.


    Awwwwwww, weepsy weep.
    You,re so sweet.

    It's the new me.... get used to it, comes with the name!

    She's a kinder gentler fish- hehe


    Now you have answers to ur post.

    Fish, How do you look up certain people's questions? Where is the box that you enter their name ?

    What do we have to lose.........?

    no why leave , unless you have some place better.

    Well I don't know, but I do know if you do ask a question or respond to one be prepared for anything. And having a thick skin helps as well.  But speaking for myself that what makes it so interesting and fun.

    Are you looking for some extra attention?  It looks like you got it.  Now, what are you going to DO with it???

    I agree with you. You should.

    Is that a threat.

    Before any decision can be made ,there are things to consider. First is ,does being here do any harm ? Next of course is does it do any good ? Nothin wrong with being young ,we all started there at one time . You must always have both goals and purpose ,so I would consider both before I decided to stay or go.  As to being a DJ I would explore this and see if you can get a invite to a live show and see how its done . There is much to learn here ,but caution is the order of the day ,too much too soon is not good either . What ever you decide is on you the decision is yours . Should you post a question that I can answer it will be done always in good taste .                     Bill

    You seem bored shane, did all your friends leave you?

    You decided to join here.....only you will make the decision to leave.  We all come and go as we choose.     :)

    Its entirely up to you.

    I don't see why you should. You haven't elaborated much as to the reason why you  presented this question. To me you seem like a somewhat intelligent person, and that suggests you understand the pros and con of interacting with others, and based upon that only you know what's in your heart.

    In time, I think you'll come to find that there is a fairly nice bunch of people on this site, and in that I think you should perhaps stick around. But only you know the demands upon your life in regards to how you spend your time, or how you wish to. My opinion actually means nothing at all, but I think you should stick just might grow on you!

    tha catz gaaat mai tuung.  Het sorry, was getting speech lessons from a leopard.  leave/stay  leave/stay leave/stay- kind of like a is coming to me...stay.


    Should I stay or should I go now?

    I think you need to stay you little fishlet! :)

    @ FishyPeople staaay just a little bit longer...'cause I want to play just a liitle bit longer....I like your dong choice too!!!

    Stay if you can, shane.  You're not bad, just a little nutty.  We'll fix that for sure. 

    Sometimes we treat you like you're not that important.  The fact of the matter is, you are not, at least until you are.  Prove yourself to us just how good you are.  We'll gradually seem nicer to you.  It's somewhat rough at the beginning.  Just ask the cool cat below.



    ed shank

    My wife is laughing her ass off at this picture.Thanx.

    I hope the cat is not getting hurt. It looks squished

    mycatsmom,I think the cat loves it, a sort of upsidedown cuddle

    That is one way to make the concert soft.

    Now, got enough answers to stay ?

    "" Why do you want to leave? We are soo nice here...

    i think you've got your answers........and then some.......are you staying, or leaving and miss all the fun?


    Haul butt, doesn't look like you spend much time here anyway. They may miss you, I won't.

    why leave, you can come and go from this site as you wish, as I'm sure most of us do

    it depends on whether or not your need are being.  If you get your questions answered, stay.  If you don't well you have to think about it.  If you feel supported by the people on this site, I say stay.  If you feel it is of no use to you, maybe you have to leave.  What do you need and what are you getting, that will determine whether you stay or leave.  Choose what is best for you.  we love you.

    Answered by one other question, why do people who are such a strong group suddenly run dry. If you have run dry. Yes. But you could help people with a problem that you have the answer to and no one else has, therefore you are here. Yes. Time constraints? Yes, family matters taking precedence? Yes,  you have better things to do. Yes.. you cannot think of anymore questions. :) And yes, I for one would certainly like you to stay on, because you are still able to ask a question :). 

    i am  concernd, i think you need a shrink

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