what shall i do to become a great musician??

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    First u need to get yourself heard, no matter where it is, sing wherever and whenever u can. ( talent shows, school choir, recording studio)

    Second make sure you have your singing perfected. Have your own unique style and don't imitate other already famous singers. (it's good to pick up a few things from them, but don't sound exactly like them) Also try to take vocal lessons if you already aren't. If that is not an option there are plenty self taught audio courses u can buy for a reasonable price ( contact for weblinks)

    Third, it is VERY IMPORTANT TO HAVE YOUR OWN MATERIAL. What i mean is, if u want to be a singer. You will need a demo, and on that you will need to have original songs. Most record labels won't take the time to listen to a demo full of covers (songs already made famous by someone else). So one way to do this is either write material yourself if you can.

    Work hard at it, and practice every day for as long as you can. And most important of all enjoy it.

    Stay away from DRUGS???


    He would be one of the few, that would definitely work towards a musician's success.

    I was the bass guitar player in a really good local band in high school. My guitar player stayed in the business and went from band to band eventually getting signed with a major label when he was in his thirties. I quit way before then. He worked very hard and stayed on the path towards his dream. He actually eventually made it, but then the band broke up.

    So do your best and stick to it if you really want it bad enough, you just might make it. But go to college and get your degree so if it doesn't work out you won't have to work at McDonalds for th rest of you life,. Who knows by the time you reach your goals in life you may have new ones and take your life in a completely different direction...??? Good luck.

    Practice, take lessons, practice... love it!!!  

    Learn from successful players.

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