I think i am a victim of mail fraud, what do i do?

    I recieved an email asking me to be a mystery shopper. They sent me money orders & told me to cash them & pass teh money (minus $200.00) for my services on to another shopper, not in the USA...

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    How did you receive the money orders, ? The only reason Im asking you, that these scams go to any length to get you account number, any personal information. Nothing for nothing, if it sounds to good to be true, guess it is, keep clear.

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    I believe this is called money laundering and is illegal  at least here in the USA .What would I do ??? Dont rightly know as I could use the 200.00. You are most likely going to end up holding a empty bag .One day the money orders will not pass and you will be paying the bank . This dont pass the smell test  so walk away is my advice . Sounds like a set up to me ! Soon the game will change and you will be asked to do more thats when they get you . I would call this a scam .

    I think I would step away from that, before you get yourself in a world of trouble. There's really no telling what the origins of that money might be, and where it's eventually headed. I think most anyone could use a little cash, but not at that risk!

    When something sounds too good to be true___________________________

    No doubt about it, you will be on the hook for the money.   I don't know of any email police who can help you either. 

    The only out that I can think of is    by what means did you transfer the money out of the country.  There may be an agency that will pursue a fraudulant transaction


    Not email police but "Fraud Squad".

    I don't want to sound too dumb but I don't know anything about the Fraud Squad. What is it, Ducka

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I believe that you are into a scam.  Most, maybe not all, but definitely, most, "Mystery Shopper positions" are a scam!!!  I would speak with your local police who will often put out a public warning against the company.  (Too late to help you but perhaps someone else will avoid the trap.)

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