will i survive open chest lung surgery?

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    I like your name !

    Be hopefull, have of positive attitude, help yourself. I wish you the best!

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    The chances of anybody surviving lung surgery are very high but for how long, that is a different matter and depends on the primary cause.


    Yep, got it, thanks.

    For anyones sake i hope they do, surgeons work wonders these days.You can research here >>>


    Pyth, Its his homework.

    R U sure?? I was advised heart/lung to be more successful for my condition than just lungs

    The statistics are very good that you'll survive it just  fine. I've known many people that had it done and they've lived many years past what they would have.

    When I stare into my crystal lamp I see much positive force! The crystals tell me 'YES' .. And my crystal lamp is never wrong--  Well most of the time its right, it did tell me to marry my ex-wife,  that was wrong.. But medical advice, its never wrong.. See you after your surgery! 

    Good Luck!

    No idea ,but good luck wishing you well..Speak to God frequently.

    With the advancements and technology available there has never been a better time for surgery . The things they do are truly amazing nearly miraculous. You need to clear all doubt and apprehension from your mind and start visualising life after surgery. Make a rock solid picture in your mind for success and get your MOJO working start believing in a positive outcome . Plan on telling this story 20 years from now . I want to see your words shortly  bragging about what a breeze the surgery   was and how good you feel ,thats my wish . Best wishes to you and may God keep you safe and grant you comfort in the coming days .                  Bill

    If you are scared talk to your dr. Many advances in medicine. Your dr., and family should all be involved in your talk about surgery.

    At 17 I was shot twice in the chest and was operated on several times (can't remember exactly). This was in 1968. Infection was the cause of so many operations. They eventually removed 2/3's of my right lung. Today things are so much better in the medical field. I would have no concern for the procedure, but depending what it is that their doing, you will suffer much discomfort. I survived it and so will you. Good luck. 

    Sounds like you are very anxious which is normal for any op!...Have you/can you find out more re the op from your Doctor or Surgeon??..Ask all the questions..take them in on a list is a good often once through the door we forget some of the main things we want to ask!!:-¬...EXPRESS your concerns to said Dr...tell them you really want the facts..then you can go home read the list..just try and stay calm...remember this operation is only done if deemed completely necessary  and may give you the chance of a much better life!!

    all good wishes..and stay positive!!


    I don't know how to answer such a question. I certainly hope you survive just fine and see many more years ahead of you...............JHH

    Your doctors and you are the only ones that are in the position to evaluate your survival and its length.

    Good luck!

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