I really do not understand why a girl would not like a pizza shaped like a hart for her valentine’s gift even if it had extra cheese.

    Do you know why or what’s wrong with that.


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    Actually, I think that's a fun idea!

    Actually, I think that's a fun idea!

    Actually, I think that's a fun idea!

    Oh dear me gets 3 strikes no more pizza pie.


    Shootah... I thought you were super pumped until I saw the "OOOPS!!!"

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    Can't see why any women wouldn't like that.


    I know what you mean I even told her that I would squeezes the grease out of a piece and use the oil to give her a massage but she got even madder at me.

    Oh selfish woman.

    cute and yummy!

    It does look yummy, ed, but needs more pineapple, mushrooms, toms, smoked ham, tasty cheese, onions, parsley, basil, oregano {all fresh}, and you would have a delish dish.


    No thampagne and flowerth then?

    For you my Ronoth,
    lots of flowers, great food, and great conversation.

    So I take it you forgot the champagne and flowers then?



    I got a 2 litter Dr Pepper and did you see the green peppers those are like flowers.

    WOMEN EH??????????????????????????????

    ha ha, Romoth.
    I don't think anyone thinks that way anymore.

    Maybe she was expecting something more romantic, like a candle lit dinner at a nice restaurant.


    You mean she would have like it if I put candles init like a birthday cake?

    Candles or no candles, pizza isn't something you would serve for a special occasion dinner.

    Does the saying "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus:" ring any bells with you?


    Are you saying that she would have rather had a pizza that came from Venus? I really don’t know how tip from something like that. :)

    If same size as real hart (female deer), she shoulda been bowled over!


    I was thinking the same thing.

    I would love it but then, any Valentine gift would be remarkable...........


    Join my club, jh...

    LOTS of KISSES and HUGS to you..from ME.

    Works for me but i'm not  a girl...


    It dosen't matter what you are, does it?

    Good food should be availabe and affordable to everyone!

    Maybe she was hungry but did not want to break your heart.


    Well after she put me back into the doghouse, I did feel sad so I am not sure but maybe she did break my heart.

    or eat it. tee hee

    Maybe if it were made with the sauce over the cheese? They do that with some pizza's, it would look a little more like a heart? I think it's cool.

    Could be she wanted a diamond ring in the middle?


    lol! MY thoughts exactly...I`D BE PRETTY PISSED IF I WAS EXPECTING THE DIAMOND RING!!...Though having been ther,done it...I`d be THRILLED with the PIZZA!!!;

    Well here is the thing, I had a nice twist tie picked out for her as an engagement ring and I was going to give it to her but now I am not until I get out of the doghouse.

    Hmm, sounds like she may be really expecting the ring Ed, it may be time to see what she's made of. Patience is a important quality in a marriage. Not to mention forgiveness to get you out of the dog house, lol. You'll probably laugh about this story when you grow old and gray together...

    Is she celiac and is she lactose intolerant and allergic to dairy?  Also .... vegetarian?  I have to say Ed, that pizza would not make me happy.  I would have to sit and watch you eat it.


    Well no one ate it but the skunk that lives under the doghouse where I am sleeping now. The skunk is no longer afraid of me now but he does give me a dirty look and turns his back to me. I don’t know what that is all about but I hope we can be friends soon.

    His name is Larry. He is offended that you haven't asked him yet... Intrduce yourself properly and all will be fine. Larry is a great skunk.

    The problem was the crust.  It was brittle and tasted like cardboard.  That's all. Nothing YOU did.  Nope, nothing at all.  You couldn't have picked a nicer, more thoughtful, personal, lasting token of your affection.  What's wrong with your lady in the first place???  
    AND, what did SHE give YOU for Valentine's Day?  It IS a 2-way street, you know.  Did she give you the beer to go with the pizza?  NO???? Well, I guess you are BOTH sharing the couch tonight. 


    He even brought the free bottle of Dr. Pepper. I mean really!!!

    Looks good to me! Who thought of making it heart shaped?  I would like such a gift!


    On its way

    Don,t wait up for it though.
    Not sure about the delivery service.

    Delivery service is bad maybe you could call them again, I'm waiting! lol

    Be careful these heart shaped pizza’s can be cold sometimes.

    looks wonderful to me..........and besides.....its the thought that counts, at least you didn't forget


    Thank you and that is what I thought too, but I will have to do my thinking in the doghouse for now on however she always lets back into the house on Sundays before Church.

    Lots of girls just don't understand how hard a man works at making their sweetheart happy.  The pizza is fantastic.  Brings tears to my eyes when I think of how sensitive, emotional, creative  unselfish some good old boys can be.


    Tell me about it. Did you know that I only used half of my $20 a day I spend for beer and lotto tickets just to get her this pizza. I don’t know about where you come from but to only drink a 12 pack and get 5 lotto ticket’s is a day hell.

    I think that's very clever!  Looks yummy! now I am hungry!


    I think there might be some animal derivatives in it somewhere.

    Romos, dear sweet Romos, You have yet to figure Doo out. keep trying KOTF!

    Perhaps her expectations were much higher than a pizza. Then there is the weight watching thing women do . The thought that comes to mind is : So the only thing you could think of is something that will make my ass bigger. More work in the gym on the tread mill ,so the g string you like will fit ,thanks a lot ,Mr no imagination ! Good intentions dont always have the best results ,sorry this did not work out I know you did try and I have been there . I escaped the ritual this year being alone Kind of nice . Could have ordered a hooker with the flower money and been way ahead of the game . Oh well maybe next year ,Ill think a ahead and save up for these special days .        Bill


    Where I come from we want our ladies fat so they cannot get out the door and leave us.

    So you live in Samoa ? Lol . If thats what you enjoy all ahead full .

    Maybe, she does not like Pizza. Hope your out of dog house soon.


    Did you behave yourself? Maybe she felt duped because you didn't grab a handful of red pepper and Parmesan cheese packets.


    No sir I am a good catch. I even got past the 5th grade 35 years ago.
    country bumpkin

    Maybe you called her sir instead of mam. LOL

    Either she's lactose intolerant, or perhaps you shouldn't have left it in her seat with the box open for her to sit on!


    Well she is intolerant of me now but she did not sit on it because I handed it to her when she was in the shower. I thought a show and a dinner would be nice but I guess not.

    You could have brought a couple beers and combined them all for an evening by the water!

    i thnk i would have loved it


    hungry as i am right now, id be soooo happy with a leftover slice, cold too.!

    I think it was absolutely wonderful, silly girl!

    1) The box is too big.

    2) If she's 18 or over, she wouldn't even want to be taken to Chucky Cheese for Valentine's Day.

    3) She would be required to tare up your heart to enjoy her gift.

    A minute on the lips a lifetime on the hips


    it wasn't very romantic, or personal. She had to share the pizza. Did you include a rose?

    Try this next year or when you have some money:  A ring shaped like a heart, naturally with extra carat.  That'd do it every time.


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