Is it normal to feel embarrased about my voice when i sing?

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    If you have a good or great voice, no. If you can't sing but you confine it to the shower, who cares? If you can't sing, and you make the dogs in the neighborhood howl, or break glass,there's a problem.

    I can't carry a tune in a tin bucket and will not sing alone let alone around anybody else.............


    De de de de de de de, La la la la la la(come on join in, I,ll help you along and harmonise)Laah Laah Laaaaaah

    I'd embarrass YOU if I sang.....not even la la la....

    If you feel confident that you have a nice singing voice, you should not feel embarresed.

    not at all I cant sing my Mother said I sound like a fog horn\! so there you go you will laugh about it soon

    Join a church choir or singing class and practice. Having a nice singing voice  take time. 


    Typo alert! : D

    Thanks for the alert love.

    Yes, hearing yourself can be embarrassing but it can give you the ability to do better each time.

    Let’s hear the scales, Bean.

    I was so shy when I was young, I had the same problem. With practice I have a pretty good voice now. I suppose you just have to get used to it. I learned how to play trombone in band class which makes you learn to listen to tone. It helped my singing voice by being able to realize whether I was sharp or flat. Keep on practicing, being in band also helped me get over my stage fright, that went hand and hand with my shy personality.

    Very normal!

    If you can sing and hold a tune, you schould not  be embarrast. Just keep practising until you feel comfortable wtith your singing.

    Just sing as if no one can hear you. Enjoy yourself. There is nothing else quite like the joy of singing.Whether you are good or bad.

    No, unless your singing and talking sound exactly alike, pitchwise.



    Only if you find your face doing this while attempting it!


    This is realllllly funny! How does she do dat?!!!!

    I think it is normal, until you build your confidence, especially if you are performing a solo in class or for an audience.  It gets easier as you have more experiences, but butterflies in your stomach may never stop prior to a performance.
    The more joyful you are in song, the less embarrassed you'd be, because you would be happy.
    I am happy to sing when I am alone, but I am embarrassed for myself when I can't hit the higher notes. Yes, I am the only one who can hear me!

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