How can I become a great painter

    I want to learn how to be a painter but I am just not getting how to use my colors or how to understand to paint a picture

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    I am an artist and I can tell you that I live, eat and breathe art.  Not only is it about talent and ability but it is about discipline... you must create every day and on the days just don't feel like doing it, clean your studio.

    Study art and artsits.  Study movements in art.  Take lessons and don't be afraid to try more than one discipline.  I began as a watercolour painter and now I work in ceramics.

    Not only do I work every day, I also study every day.  Take yourself out to art galleries, public and private.  Seeing the work in real life is much different than looking at work in magazines, prints or over the internet.   Immerse yourself in the subject.  Truly understanding art reflects in the quality of the art you produce. 

    By immersing yourself in art you will find that you are drawn to certain styles and movements.  By practicing art you will find your own voice. 

    Above every thing else, develop a very thick skin.  This is truly the most important part about painting because the odds are very high you will show someone your work... everyone has an opinion and ... well you must know the rest.

    Good luck and work hard.  Painting is very difficult to learn no matter what the medium or subject matter.  Have fun... play around with the colour thing... it will happen.

    Practice sammey, colours don,t matter , you paint things from your mind and your heart, hope this helps. Uncle ROMOS.


    Sammy is your nephew...well, introduce the rest of us, will ya'?

    Colours aren't that big a deal.Learn your primary,secondary & tertiary colours & it all seems to fall into place.You can get that info online.Find a night school & enroll to learn the art of putting a picture together.You can learn a lot about anatomy online,This is very helpful in portaiture.

    Most of the painters have a recognizable style, that's really the main thing where people can distinguish your art from others. Keep taking classes, find free art classes if you can. Develop your style and strive to be better.

    practice and try to get art schooling. Paint every day.

    Some people have what it take, either you have or you don't, just like a great musician. got to have what it take , It not everybody that have those ability. Sorry that the way the cooky crumble.

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