hope everyone is enjoying their weekend:)))I would like to apologise about yesterday behind us all

    I told my fiancee the minute he arrived home about the Question I had asked on this great site and we are very happy that I have been given the best advise with so many good Fiancee is very happy that I went on this site,I hope we can leave Yesterday in the past and start off fresh please?I just freaked out as I had not told him off this issue of ""I Think Cold-sore""I must say This is a Great site and hope I am still welcome:)))

    Bry >>>   Has learnt some important rules of this site. Thank You

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    Welcome to the site, glad to have another Aussie.........

    Glad it's all resolved and you are more than welcome here. Have fun :)


    TYou very much Colleen,I was embarrassed about the issue I am sorry
    TYou for understanding,I have learnt alot from this site in many ways:)))

    Many come to this site, get tons of advise and leave never to be heard from again. Thank you for showing your appreciation. Welcome, and enjoy!


    Thank You "Flip"its nice to be here with genuine,caring people:)))Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    I have no idea what you are talking about.  I did go and look at your bio... What is that a picture of on your avatar?  Is that a glaze finish on pottery or the inside of a shell? 

    Salt water on the cold sore and that kind of thing can happen... move on... gypsy and all about the avatar... Spill. :)


    the pic is a AGATE crystal candle holder:)))If you zoom in You MIGHT beable to see a 5 letter name on the left hand side where the finger is pointing"the finger WITHOUT THE NAIL-polish lol"
    I find it Amazing,

    A very welcome to you!!...........{:D


    TYou Mr Den:))

    Forget what?   Glad you and fiancee got everything straightened out.  Welcome to BOTH of you!

    Hi Brydee, I used to live on the mid north coast too, I've moved further north now, welcome

    Hi Brydee......Glad you like the site, we need another Aussie here.

    G'day brydee, welcome , another Aussie on the site would not go astray. The weather this wekeend -- glorious.


    TYou:))) U R A Aussie to hey lol......where abouts are you closer too

    G'day Brydee, i'm from Adelaide, Sth. Aus, approx. 1600 K's as the crow flies from you.

    I do not have a clue missed it but glad you are okay with it now.


    TYou lol

    although not aware of what you have done I welcome anyone that when realized making a mistake feels realy sorry...

    Welcome Brydee, anothe of us great Aussies, I am Sunshine Coast 100 Ks north of Brisbane.

    Where is your stamping ground? If you are a youngee, that is less than 100 years old, stamping ground is what area do you live?


    Sorry Brydee, I looked up your details and now know where you live approximately.
    Not Nimbin by any chance?

    No Not Young......heading north Im between Port Mac NSW and 30kms before Kempsey NSW

    Well you are in a lovely part of New South,
    I was driving through from Brisbane to Richmond on the 23rd Dec 11 and stopped over at a motel at Kempsey
    Welcome again.

    I moved to BEAU_DESERT in 1994 as I was working for the Liener Davis Gelatine Company...the company moved from BOTANY in Sydney.
    My eldest daughter started school there
    I lived at Cedar Grove as well just before Jimbooma


    Rain,rain,Rain.That's my weekend so far! Boring!!!


    Hopefully no floods your way.

    Best advice when typing on the key board and the aroma of socks starts to make its presence known STOP . Welcome ,have fun . Best to refrain from putting foot in key board . This is advanced version of foot in mouth . LOL       Bill


    no kidding.

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