why do you allow so many clowns to clog up your site with their idiotic &infantile q&answers

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    Which category do you belong to, the infantile or the clown?

    We let you in...... 


    LOL!!! And we let people stay and stay and stay...I'm still here!

    "NOBODY" must have Slipped in through the Keyhole

    A serious question will get a serious answer, any other type can provide every one with a bit of fun, everyones a winner.

    Greycloud........Move out the way, and let the sun shine through.

    What's the matter greycloud? Not intellectual enough for you? Go somewhere else.You won't be missed.


    Greycloud expects more grey matter? lol

    Who voted this A*****E up, that,s a serious question?????


    Wasn't me!!

    Hey ROMOS! It's better than "How are you"? LOL!!!!

    Anyway, "grey" is going to come up with something brilliant, any minute. Wait for it. :)

    Still waiting.............yawn!!!

    We have no control over what people write to appear here.........

    I'd say both...Romos.

    freedom of speech

    greycloud:  are you on anti-depressant drug again?  Get off it, baby.

    Can you show us how brilliant your question & answers, then maybe we could all smarten up!


    Yeah, we're all waiting! lol

    I know I need this kind of advise... thank goodness and what on the planet was I thinking?... answering questions... the audacity of my thinking patterns and opinions. I am beyond thankful to be put in my place by such an intellect... I breathe a sigh of relief.

    "Will one of you clowns get the plunger," cried out the infantile Bob/PKB, "greycloud is clogging up our website!"



    Very good.

    "+15 Bob/PKB voted up your question "why do you allow so many clown..."

    A few more karma points and he can come back and vote down some of the answers here. Why give him points to do this when you've made fun of him?

    If I take the time to answer a question, I give it a TU.

    Not the point of the TU button but not many use them correctly anyhow. Carry on.

    So Why Have You Come On The Site To Tell Us!


    Maybe he/she is a messenger from "Clever Clever Land"

    PEOPLELOVER yes very funny oxoxo

    if this were a circus you just might be ringleader..


    More the clown, me thinks.

    "HEY" Cloud .Did I spell that alright .You a friend of "Black Clown Indian "Brief "thats the Dress he wears "Female ones .So what was your Question again ??"OH Infantile .Yes you are very "Welcome on this site,also bring your other Indain friend "Running Bear" ( no clothes on ) Our under cover police force would be Interested in you "LOT"

    Thank all of you !! Here I thought I would have to use some ninja word skills to reply to this moron . It seems  all have contributed mightily,  so nothing is needed from me . . Thanks for saving me the  time to properly chastise this miscreant  . Instead of spanking this idiot I ll have a well mixed drink and retire . . Well done congratulations every one !!!!!  My advise to you TONTO is hit the road jack and don't come no more no more !!!


    I loved that song!!!xoxoxox

    Just ask yourself that....{:D

    Birds of a feather stick with other dingbats, thats  why we're here !   If you were dumb like US YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND !

    Frankly speaking, you seem to be a person who really sucks...and not in any way that anyone would find gratification with!

    Sorry. but I think ,, greycloud has a point, to there question, There are many clowns who clog up the site etc.


    It's not clogged up. Questions still get moved along here. More than the actual question, I believe it was his attitude that set the members off.

    Ok, still many silly questions.

    That,s the nature of the beast so to say.

    Yes there are many silly questions but some I leave so you all can have fun with them. We have a lot of bandwidth so we have the space for all the questions. ;)

    Run along now Krusty, before you make a Bozo out of yourself.

    What did you think you would gain by asking that question?  Are you looking for negative attention. 

    Greycloud you need some sunshine.

    I laughed when I saw this question,  because I know akaqa people are fixing to get busy.


    And we

    I didn't know this site was a clown deal. Clowns creep me out.

    I do not like clowns..they are spooky. AND I've really not seen too many answers using the word idiot or infantile....But, hey nows a good time to start!


    doolittle i find clowns are spookey as well!!! xxx

    i seem to have rattled a few cages with my infantile question, im sure you have worked out by now that this was the whole point of the exercise, and lo & behold sensible answers were posted, keep it up and one day i could be tempted to ask a more agreeable question. thank you all for taking the time to answer me. i could get to enjoy the banter.  greycloud...


    You're not the first and will not be the last to have asked this question. Quite frankly some of the answers you got are because members are tired of seeing new people ask it and questions like it. Does your little test fail now because of that? I'd say you're probably somewhere in the range of the 75th person at least to ask it. Try for an original question next time. The chicken and the egg stands around 200 times asked and why is the sky blue is at around 150 times asked so don't go for either one of those ; )

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