Will you still need me?

    Will you still feed me,

    When I'm 64.

    Tomorrows the big day.I will be 64.

    I suspect a surprise party organized by my grand-daughters.

    There's a lot of whispering going on.

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    Happy Birthday to you,

    Happy Wonder day to you,

    Many happy returns on your 64th Birhtday to yooooouuuuuuuuuu (this part is truly in tune)!

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you Tommy and many more (Also in tune)!

    Have a great one... Fishy hugs from Moi! (No singing on this line) xo


    " (this part is truly in tune)"
    Pretty amazing what the internet can do for our voices huh? ;D

    That's really nice Fishy.I never realized you had such a lovely voice.LOL

    This was practically an Aria.

    Fish Fry - don't push it just so funny! next thing you will go for an audition.

    OOOh good idea Dopey! I can see it now...La La Laaaaaaaaaaaaa! (completely in tune)

     Wishing you a perfectly lovely day filled with great surprises and lots and lots of love! 



    Thanks Colleen.Nice card.

    Happy 64th Tommy.. wow it seems like yesterday you were just 63...Great song by the Beatles as well...


    Thanks mate

    WELL HAPPY 64TH TOMMYH, have a double shot of Tequilla, relax and enjoy!!!

    Happy, happy! Celebrate for a week and celebrate well. Know you are in all of our thoughts...Julie


    Thanks Jools.

    Tommyh, you are hereby declared ageless.  Anything less, we can fix it.  This is 2012!

    Happy Birthday! 



    Thanks mate!Maybe I'll take up syncro swimming.

    Check with your doctor first. I hear multi-ethnic synchronization may be hazardous to your health....ah, what the hell....It's your 64th. Go for it, T! Make sure you leave these golden girls at the pool.

    I was in synchronized swimming when I was 16. On my back with one leg up and my toe pointed was the posture that almost drowned me.

    To Tommy,

    Its your Birthday I declare, 64 years old hiding there,

    Beneath the snowy fringe on top,Keep on doing what you do best,

    Forget the past , you cant change it,

    Forget the present, I did not get you one.

    Have great day.

    Happy Birthday Tommy, I hope you get your wish, a cake, and eat it too. God bless and I hope you have the best forthcoming year ever.


    Thanks Leeroy.

    Hope you had the best so far, lol.

    "" Have a wonderful day with your family.

    Happy Birthday!

    Tommy, you lucky bugger ,one more year till retirement, best of wishes for your 64th, hope you have a great day , Mate. :)

    Happy Birthday !!!!!!! Best wishes for a great day of celebration !!!!!!   All my very best  !!!!!   Bill

    The King and his fleas salute you Sir. Best Wishes, and many more coming your way from Bonny Scotland...R.


    Hail Hail KOTF.

    You,re always so respectful,I respect that O eight legged bottled one...KOTF.

    Sit back , relax and enjoy.

    Happy Birthday Tommyh,may it be the best one so far and many more to come,sit back and enjoy those grand-daughters,they'll need you more than ever when you're 64,great tune by the way.Got one my self in a few days...


    Happy birthday, Rick. If you announce it big, someone might send you one of those great pictures.

    Happy Birthday, Rick-man.

    My b/day was last month, in Dec.

    A ver y"Happy Birthday" Tommy. Enjoy your day with your family. You are a very lucky man!

    Don't do anything I would'nt do. HA Ha. Happy Birthday my friend.


    Don't walk nude Tommy.

    Happy Birthday Tommy hope you have a grand day with the family and sit back and enjoy oxoxoxox

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!!!

    Happy 64th Tommy..


    Thanks Mate.

    Happy Birthday Tommy for tomorrow - have a great time. Sounds like you are very loved and I have no doubt you are - as Ann says how lucky are you - enjoy it all. 

    BELATED HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAY WISHES, TOMMYH.  (I was out of town and away from the computer over the weekend).  I hope your special day was everything you were hoping for and then some!  
    May the coming years be filled with happiness.  Sincerely, Bob/PKB 


    Thanks Bob.We had a great day.

    Of course we'll still need you, have a great birthday and many more to follow

    Good on yer Tommy and my warmest birthday greetings to you.

    Happy Birthday Tommy course we will always need you even when you are 94.

    ""Happy Birthday Tommy. Don't overeat...


    Good to have you back...KOTF.
    country bumpkin

    Eggplant, put your clothes on.(*~*)

    Well get out of here and enjoy your grandkids, nothing better, we want photos............going on 65.

    Happy 64 and may you have many more!

    Sorry I have just seen this entry.

    Bloody 64, you still have your baby teeth, wait until you are "groan" up.

    All the best to you cobber, and may your year be full of lots of laughs, few tears and heaps of happiness from your akaqa "brother."


    Good onya mate! Looking forward to qualifying for the pension next year.LOL

    HAppy birthday Tommyh. God bless you ..... Feliz Cumpleanos amigo !!


    muchas gracias mi amigo

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