What's your fave subject in school?

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    3 P.M. Quittin'time!

    Marine Biology, and Goat herding.


    Those would have been great subjects!
    I clearly went to the wrong schools.

    Goat herding! -- are you a N.Z. decendant.

    WOW!!! amazing - hope you are feeling better leeroy.

    Lol, yes I bumped my head the other day...

    Art and History and home economics nothing elsa I am afraid !!!


    Does that mean you could paint a good meal with old food then?

    ROMOS most definately! oxoxoxo

    History, i love to learn about the past...


    Yeah, that was my favorite class in high school. I still love it.

    My least favorite...could never see the importance of (for one thing) memorizing war dates!

    my fave subjects at school was math and art. Math was easy for me, and I loved doing art.



    Figures! lol.

    I liked math, English, and art because I was good in them.........



    Film Experience

    Social Studies

    Phys Ed

    ... in that order ... oh and I almost forgot, Mr. Pear's Science classes.  He was a great teacher.



    Fish, sounds as thou you were a straight A student, good onya.

    History and Girls, not necessarily in that order.

    Quantum physics! No it wasn,t that,Hmmm? Thermo dynamics? No it wasn,t that. Applied Mathematics? No it wasn,t that. English lit? No not that.OH!!! I remember it was ART I was really cra* at th*t, Should have to*K a C* mput*R Cou*se..L8L...K8tf.


    Hail Hail KOTF!

    English grammar, English composition and spelling, but mostly socializing!!

    HOW to sleep in class without "Snoring" Got an "A" for that ( addressing down ) a "C" ( clip around the head ) "D" ( dunces hat ) "AIN"T I clever .

    Shop, like to build


    In fourth grade it was story time. That's when Miss Serrel would sit on top of her desk and read to us.

    Math was my favorite until became more sociable, then I enjoyed Creative Writing, Child Development and Psychology. Although I never forgot about our Miss Serrel.

    Psychology, communications, and English.


    Another A student.

    #1- Girls, #2- Lunch, #3- Biology/science, #4- Math and the rest just fell into place.

    ROMOS - you making fun of me  ? Quantum physics was boring.  Genetics and microbiology was my second favorite. I wish i had the time to take more computer classes. I wanted to create a program into a personal computer to view blood and look at specimens like through a microscope. The first company to do that will make billions.

    Science, Math and Art

    Music - or was it the teacher dressed in a suit - jacket with slits at the back - very short hair, intellectual wore broque shoes and she was female.Or was it playing the recorder while a friend played the flute. We got to the Festival Hall would you believe - our school that is with me playing the recorder - wow and who knows how we managed that!. 


    Yeah that retrospective thing again - or was it the clarinet my friend played believe it was such a sweet sound.

    art and math.

    Drama, English/Creative Writing, Oral Interpretation of Children's Literature, Speech

    My fave subjects in school're math and grammar...

    when i first started school art, drawing and recess. nothing else.  reading and math bored me to tears & it was hard for me to learn to read because it did not interest me.  i felt like it was a waste of time.  i always loved music and took piano at 5 and clarinet at 10.  by the time i was 12 i loved reading the dicationary and how words were formed and put together.  i always liked theatre and use to put plays on for the neighborhood when i was under ten. junior high i loved sports, volleyball was my favorite. high school bored me once again, but art still  held my interest. college i liked speech classes, talking to groups of people, writing, drama, communication and of  course psychology, which i got a degree in, which allowed me to be able to work with children and families to this day.


    Pity you missed the bit about using capital letters to begin a sentence and for the personal pronoun "I"
    Did you ever give the clarinet and piano back?
    The ones you "took" at 10 and 5 respectively.
    Sorry but it saddens me at 80 years of age to see how someone who obviously had a school/ university learnig can succumb to incorrect writing as in you entry.
    I started school at age 6 and left at age 14 and I try hard to write correctly.
    Not saying I always succeed

    Sewing, especially as teacher could not check it, as I sew with my left hand.

    peoplelover you darling person,  you got  me!  i know about capitilization, but i think its kind of laziness and having too much to do.  you are just like my sister who was an editor for stanford univeristy and she always got on me for not going by the writing rules.   i believe i think its more important to communicate the idea than everything being gramatically perfect.  but i do hear you.  thanks you for your feedback.  My mom could not afford to keep us in piano so i only learned one song.  clarinet when i transferred shcools they did not have it.  i learned about 26 songs. Tabbie the lazy writer Tabber.   LOL Thanks again.  I will do better.

    I loved PE too

    My fave subject had to be drawing,although at the time went to a french school and transfer to English school which at that time did not know how to speak a word, For that reason hate just about every subject there was, None the less did like math but had lot of trouble understand the language.So I never finish high school and did manage a career in mining build my own home which make me very good with my hands.

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