Does money make you happy?

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    Where from what? Art supplies or money falling from the sky or both or neither? I am so confused... I need more coffee!

    Fish, If coffee helps confusion, then I'm going to have some.I hardly ever drink it. LOL

    Umbriel, You sound rather crabby.

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    Well it can certainly take away alot of unhappiness.

    I know I'd be sad without it. Money is freedom.


    Yeah almost the only thing I respect money for is the freedom it give people - but lets not mention the problems.

    Money buys art supplies and art supplies are expensive... making art makes me very happy and makes me happy.

    (Place grin here)


    WHERE from?

    (u) not quite a grin but I agree

    So wish I would good at art.

    I dont know about happy. Certainly feeling more secure.

    Money is good. Too much may be its not. 

    Yes.......I would be more sad without it.

    It makes me comfortable.  No, it doesn't make me happy.  Love's more important.

    Money, however, buys you a better class of enemies!



    love the way your thinking lol

    I don't know about anyone else ...... but I've had less money at times and then more money at times.     And upon reflection.   I believe I've been happier in the more money time.  In fact I know I have. So I guess for me the answer is:  YES

    Like Milton Burl ( I don't know how he spelled his last name) said:  I've been rich and I've been poor.   And I liked rich the best.


    Good for you, @Umbriel.........

    Who is (or was) Dorothy Parker ??

    Pioneer, My uncle used to say that Sophie Tucker said that. Maybe both did. He often quoted her saying... " I've been poor, and I've been rich. Rich is better "

    I do. And frankly I don't give a damn who Dorothy Parker was. Fess Parker ..... Yes. Dorothy. No.

    pioneer2...good comeback to the "wanna be professor".

    Every one who is rich says that.

    If not said it ... probably thought it.

    Does money make me happy?   YES. .. NOW STOP ASKING ME THAT...STOP IT I SAID...STOP IT NOW!!!!!!  LEAVE ME ALONE WITH YOUR STUPID QUESTION!!!!!!!!!      

      JOKE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GET IT?????????       JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    It's ok Ducky.
    Take a chill.

    Oh, oh...alright..chillin' and happy...shhhhh..$$$$$$$$ makes me happy.....

    No, it doesn't. But, it makes you better able to handle your problems. For instance, if you have money, you can afford a lawyer, or a psychiatrist,or a family doctor.,  or a day at the spa, or retail therapy, or go out to lunch with a friend,......You can go to Europe. If your car is a mess, you can buy a new one. Money definately helps with your problems.


    Stress reducer.

    I don't think so.. I cry every time i see my PAYCHECK.

    I dont think this is a stupid question at all .First it's a thermometer stuck squarely into the human race to measure contentment  . There is unrest every where and many are in a desperate situations ,our whole norms are changing . Those who wait for things to come back and be better will have a long disappointing wait. Jobs that are gone from our shores are not likely to return ,no matter how pitiful they are  some one is very grateful for them . They are unlikely to give them up . I am surprised at some of the responses here . Money is in fact the source of a lot of difficulties ,disagreements  and pain . The rich use it as a fence to keep the riff raff from their  lives . Apartment rentals are expensive so the less desirable people are segregated away from those better off. It also provides motivation for people to do better. I find this question valid and useful ,like a Doctor taking a patients temperature. All are entitled to disagree. We are from across the world and all living conditions are far from the same ,what we have in common is the human condition ,happiness safety shelter and hope . As fuel prices rise those with cars take the extra money from some where ,maybe off the food table or else where . Others have enough money that they could care less. Point to ponder : Elisabeth Taylor had zillions of dollars and failed to purchase any additional time . Then all the fancy stuff went to a fancy yard sale and it all belonged to some one else . Better to live well and end up even than to leave millions for others .


    Keep eating your fruit and vegies.
    There must be something in them, don't you reckon..?


    it sure don't hurt, but it's really just a tempuary fix.


    Slap on a bit of plaster.
    No but really, the more you have the more you spend...yeah, what happens when there is nothing to spend........????

    Daren, If your money holds out, then it's not temporary. LOL

    they say money talks why does mine always say good by ?

    I dont  have enough money to know.

    Money allows me to live comfortably. Relationships make me happy!

    All I want is a little more than I'll ever get.

    I like having pocket change...........



    How big are your pockets?

    If you're filling them they are deep.........

    Doe's the Pope sh!t in the woods???

    Ecstatic !

    I would like to have enough not to have to work, probably would have if the superannuation funds hadn't been mismanaged, lack of funds definitely does not make one ecstatic.

    Just try doing without it.


    Very good point. Having enough money to be comfortable, takes away the stress of NOT having money. I've been on both sides.

    Of course.

    Nope but sure would like to have plenty of it to give it a go.

    It helps pay the  bills. At times it makes me happy.

    Makes, or would make me,  secure and settled,.....but not "happy" in the real sense.

    makes me feel comfortable not necessarily happy or euphoric.

    Look at the movie and TV stars. They  have money and they all have problems with alchohol and drugs. Many have had nervous breakdowns.And many of them have committed suicide . Some of them have murdered  a family member....Same thing for famous rich families.

    I have always believed money in its` self does not make you happy it is what you do with it that makes you happy.

    If you are happy to give it away or spend it on yourself that is your concern, boasting about how you spend your money is egotistical.

    The other thing to consider is what do you call "Happy" Read "The Richest Man in Babylon"


    It pays the bills.  I feel secure when the bills are paid. 

    I think having money makes you feel sucure and not scared I think when growing up everyone should prepare ones eggnest!

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