I have heard alot of people say they saw a bad spirit are there really bad spirits

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    People can be in bad spirits ... which means they are in a bad mood.  I am with Pythonlover... I have not met a bad spirit yet but... you never know!

    The greatest trick evil has is convincing people it dont exist. You dont have to look far to see it at work . I believe there are more things on Heaven and earth than we can see and touch . I would say yes to this question. I hope they have my ex girl friends address and pay her a daily call.


    What goes around, comes around. bluesman Better watch what you hope for.

    Justice is due here I have no worries I am on the right side of karma . I sleep well at night . I ask only that she receive exactly as she has given no more no less . Be pleasing to see or hear about it . I have lived in the American south west for 25 years you have no idea the power of the spirits and the skin walkers ,there is big power in old places if you believe . I ask only for fairness and justice ,my cause is just and I have no fear in this . I ask the Gods of karma to deliver to this whore her just deserts every moment of every day . I could care less about what comes around .

    I haven't came across one yet, so i don't think there is.Maybe other people have.

    I believe in demons.. Dont know if that answers your question.

    Yep.  I have drank a few myself !

    Yes indeed spirits do exist both good and bad, some seen others unseen,one thing they all have in common is their are felt by the human soul..

    If you are a Bible believer there are no wandering spirits of men in this world, only demons.

    Seen one?  No, I haven't but, I've felt a few............and start using the "?"..........

    the next  evil spirit on me, I 'm sending it to you now,good luck ;see what it does to you.

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