Whats your favorite movie mines Breaking Dawn

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    There are so many... Love Actually, As Good as it Gets, Blues Brothers, Rocky Horror Picture Show.....I have watched these sooooo many times... Match Maker and Waking Ned Divine.... the list goes on... My husband is stuck on Star Wars right now and so I have been watching the series over and over again with him.  He just loves it!


    Get yourself a PC or a laptop,you,ll have so much more fun. Or is it me that needs a PC??? Wait a moment or ten, is this me typing to the WORLD,no it can,t be, yes it isss,WOWWEE,look at me Maw!!!!

    White Heat, an old James Cagney gangster movie.


    Now thats an old movie. -- James Cagney was excellent in Yankee Doodle Dandy.

    I don't know why, Love Actually , i can watch it over an over again i must be a romantic and don't kmow it. lol.

    Recently it,s got to be Rise of the Planet of the Apes, not a big fan of CGI but it was well made, and a true story BTW..KOTF.

    Lonesome Dove ,Legends of the Fall, Last of the Dog Soldiers ,Ghost, Taken,


    Great movies, Bluesman.

    Midnight Express, Shawshank, Back to the future, Goodmorning Vietnam, etc., I could go on forever really......definitely Love Actually.

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