Is mankind destroying the planet?

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    The planet will still be here .When mankind is long gone.

    "" Hmmm...I don't destroy only people destroy.  Hmmm...goodie they're about to destroy themselves again...I'll watch it tonight....should be interesting. I must make some popcorn for tonight's show.

    When have humans not destroyed everything they touch?

    Most definitely more and more every day.

    No but womankind could be destroying the planet  ;)




    why did you say so :D

    YES...The earth was a perfect place till man came along.., but one day there will be a new heaven and earth..

    Only God can and will destroy and rebuild earth.

    big time destroying. That's why I'm all about ECO FRIENDLY

    You are obviously a young person, who was not alive in the thirties.

    There was much much more pollution than today and the world did not come to an end.

    You were not around in the eighteen hundreds when there was even much more pollution than in the thirty's and the world did not come to an end

    The global warming theorists want us to believe that CO2, a gas that comprises less than one half of one percent of our atmosphere (.004) can effect the average temperature on earth when there is no repeatable scientific test to show it can effect the average temperature on earth either UP or DOWN.

    If you do some research you  will will discover the historic record shows the average CO2 level was FIVE TIMES what it is today, all during the sixty million years the dinosaurs roamed the earth, and the world did not come to an end.

    not as messy as a rock the size of mount Everest smashing into earth at an unimaginable speed all the  nukes on the planet wouldn't come close to the devastation that would cause and as for the question well we sure haven't helped

    People destroy people.

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