have you ever seen or heard a ghost?

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    Yes, no ... maybe.... What was that? 

    Aaaaaaauuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh, I am outta here!


    Fishy...come back Fishy!!!

    Nnnnnoooooooooooooooooo........ I am afraid!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh no fishy is on the run again. Catch her quick!!!



    I've neither seen nor heard a ghost, although I believe that I have sensed the presence of and heard an angel.  Take that any way you want; it won't hurt my feelings or change my mind. :D



    Boo! Yes I have sensed and spoken to those who have died but have not moved on.  My roommate saw the tweener that was in our house!  I strongly believe he was murdered! There have been unexplained shadows, temperature changes, things crashing off of a counter with no wind...I believe some of us are more sensitive to these experiences.

    Yes, the Holy Ghost.........

    Seen , no. but felt precence and unexplained things happened.


    I am one. What’s the question?

    I'm not quite sure, but I went to see who was coming here one day, as we have alarms on everything and a coded entry through an electronic gate (I'm at work) another staff asked what I was doing,and I told her someone was coming, probably a maintenance man and I would let him in, there was no one, she then asked what he was wearing so I told her, a grey uniform.There was no one but whatever I saw has apparently been seen for years by several people, I really get the creeps here alone on nightshift


    I do not think you need to be afraid. Figure out that uniform and what has been on that propert before your business building...and was there an active battle on that site?

    nothing that I'm aware of, looks a bit like a railway workers uniform,the previous owner was a landscape gardener and currently the land around the house is left for agistment to the family next door for his cows.(keeps the grass and the snakes down a bit)I,m not really afraid, just a little....o.k scared

    No, can't say I have. But, this is a good thing, as something like that would definitely raise some serious questions within yourself, as to what you had percieved. Not to mention, it would definitely raise some goose bumps!

    Seen no .Heard,yes

    I've talked to my dad in my dreams, he passed away years ago,,........does that count..........I cherish those moments..............they come at the right time


    How lucky you are!

    Seen no .Heard,yes



    I just wanted to tell you that I totally loved your answer to the "Good Muslim/Bad Muslim" question. Great answer.

    Yes I have but I wasnt frightend!

    Not sure what it meant, One morning about 3am, during summer., many yrs ago, on my way home from dance, I was in my village, walking passed Church yard entrance, when I felt some thing brush against my legs, when I looked down, it appeared to be headless dog, running down a side road. I was scared, lucky not far from my home, so I ran, when I got indoors, I passed out.!


    Wow! What I think it meant was, it didn't know where it was going!

    figtree3, Yes, guess your right, as it appeared headless.

    not so far.  and i hope i don't.  i want to deal with the afterlife when i get there, and i am not rushing it.

    Yes .. the holy ghost.. believe me it's for real..

    Both my parents have contacted me. It was not scary at all. My AM coffee is ready.  Later, boys and girls. 

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