what would the U.S be like if we had a depression now? If You think it would be culturaally different to the crash in the 20:s< WHY?

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    We are not ready to be living like a third world country. Many would suffer and there would be a great house cleaning . Not sure I wish to see how that turns out . We have made ourselves pretty much worthless as every day skills have vanished . Lots of people are living on credit with a life style they cant sustain and no real money in their pocket. If they were suddenly on their butts facing reality I don't think I would be shedding any tears for them . Those in power are quietly getting ready for massive unrest and riots . Look at any news story the police are prepared for all out war and they will slaughter as many people as it takes to enforce their will . Do not kid your self ,we simply do not matter and they are ruthless. They will show their true nature and it will not be pretty .       Bill


    Folks come here all the time to talk about dooms day and I am not very concerned about it now. 40 years ago I learned how to live quite well in any environment and I have done so enough to know. I no longer feel the urge to head for the back woods….10 miles in any direction and its Wild America. I think folk who think D-Day is near should get out there sometime and see for themselves if they have the right stuff. Going a field calls for quite a bag of tricks and plenty of talent. Deer don’t come to singing Dixie.

    Where are you living? We're in a double recession right now. 


    Yes I know but this pales on what the depression was like. My parents esp my Mom was even hit by the dust bowl. Both of them were so poor. The difference back then were lack of people thinking they were entittled. Myself, I'm very concerned that it would be the law of the jungle. Hope U respond back Colleen!!!

    It pales because there has been no full market collapse. If that happens, then we will see law of the jungle again. Today we have credit cards to get people through so it does not seem so bad but people are poor, just living on credit. That's the difference. No credit cards back then.

    I Like your perspective Colleen. I overlooked the cr card upcoming collasp. I see this unrest all over the world and it seems the protesters are getting bolder. large crowds protesting in Russia today. Feature that 20 years ago. It's a numbers game. The question is what will happen when all these bail outs stop? What happens when all the Governments can't keep up with it any more? It seems to me that governments are losing control of their monotary reserves as well as their population. More and more people are content to being unemployed. I have a 31 YO nephew that just won't work with a 1 year old child. I heard on TV a couple of weeks ago that their are more women graduating from college than man. I think by 30 percent. I thought it was the mans role to be the bread winner in our culture!!!

    Scary Question as several well known journalists have compared 2011 to you might recall, there was a slight economic rise in 1928-30 followed by a decline into the "great depression". Could it happen- absolutely.  Would it be different- yes!  Think of all of the recent college and grad. students who have graduated to unemployment already.  Not only is the economy of the US different from the 1930's but the population of our country has exploded.  'We' also tend to support the hungy of other countries before we think of lending support to the hungry living under our noses.

    The depression of the 20s required a person, not associated with others, to provide for themselves any way they could. Life alone is harsh and requires skills that culture provides by natural diversity of skills among the numbers of people. A cultural group of about 50 people including children in the 1920’s would have enough of a knowledge base amid a natural ecology of the time to survive and gradually prosper. Today’s culture would require a group of 700 willing workers and leaders to achieve a comparable level of survival of a 1920’s group. The disparity in this is due to the fact that the skill base we have presently is so much less inclusive of survival skills in the open environment.   


    You have a masterful way of turning a phrase . Informative ,well thought out,masterfully presented . My compliments ,well done . Bill

    Oh my o my, credit, or lack of credit, credit cards, money borrowed, money spent, no money to pay my debt,in debt because I spent money I didn,t have, more money going out than coming in, job shredding, pay offs, pension stealing,OH YES that,s me , I did all of this, still doing it, loving it, getting away with it , it,s easy ,nobody asks me any serious questions,not yet anyway, they just keep bailing me out with other peoples money,my life is great, and always will be because I have BANKS! I have power, I am a BANKER

    THANKS to all the good comments that are being kicked around. I was born in 46.  I remember in the 50's that having a Cr card wasn't glorified.  I think our Gov. is too ancious to put band aides on our economy.  I don't know how much longer we can continue to keep going into a financial abyss as a country.  I think the Europeans need to print the Euro instead of us printing the dollar to put amother band aide on Europe.   

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