I dont no what im sopose to do with my life. highschool is failing for me. and im started to lose faith and hope

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    Find something that you love to do and figure out a way to do it as your job/career.  Ask lots of successful people, for their advice on careers.  Ask people who know you well, what they think that you would be suited for.  Take some aptitude tests. Ask people if they can show you what they do at work all day.  Dig for information.  Ask questions.  Read.  Don't just sit back and let everyone pass you by!  Get moving!  Get busy!  Get involved!  Get going! 


    Excellent advice Ducka.
    I held a seminar once and under the attendees chairs I put a $1 coin. I asked them to look under their seat.
    Then I said "If you want to get a dollar today you have to get up off your backside and look for it."
    Same applies here.

    Great analogy!!!

    You are too young to have this attitude,there is a big world out there,and it is waiting for you to be a worthwile part of it.Focus on something that you are interested in and set yourself some goals.You can make something of yourself,but only you can do it.

    The world is at your feet, don't trample on it. If your willing to invest time in yourself, you can do and be anything you want. Nobody is going to hand you anything,

     I have two boys in school as well, the eldest is supposed to graduate this year but has made enough poor decisions that he will have to wait until next year. The other is in grade ten and is barely putting any effort into his work. I have to say that the school system in this day and age is in many ways failing you kids.So many holidays and breaks that it has to be difficult to hold all the information that your expected to. Everyone is rewarded because a select few really put their time and effort into what they do but the system feels the other students will suffer if everyone isn't rewarded teaching our kids that they are over deserving.Off early on Fridays, I'm not really sure what the heck thats about as it doesn't happen once your finished school and enough loop holes in the daily system that if your wise enough, skipping goes unnoticed. Nobody fails even though they're not understanding what they are doing and some bad teachers that put the great ones to shame. All I can say to you is what I constantly tell my kids. Life is what you put into it. If your going to do something , do it right the first time rather than just getting it over with. You get nowhere in life without these years of education unless you feel alright about scrubbing dishes or pumping gas the rest of your life. Yes the system is failing profusely, but without your time and effort, it's worthless. Be present in whatever your doing. Looking too far ahead in life only creates anxiety and trips you up.What do you like to do? One of my sons is artistic and loves video games so we are steering him in the direction of creating games, the other is musically inclined so we are steering him in that direction. Don't fear your future, stay present and put what your worth into today.

    ed shank

    Finding something you like to do and make a good living at it happens only in the land of OZ. I have always loved building my cars. Was that going to put a ton of money in my pocket? No. I needed a job that would pay me enough so that I could continue playing with my cars. The jobs always sucked. But I understood at a very young age (16) that life is not what you want but you make the best of what you have. I hated school but eventually realized that without furthering my education I would be in a shit job all my life. Luckily this revelation cam a bit late but I got the message. Kids today are spoiled and most need the shit beat out of them, but parents are either afraid or don't give a damn. Parents are supposed to be examples of decency instead they want to be "Buddy's". I am not my son's buddy, I am the "Old man".

    Thanks for your comment ed shank and in many ways I agree with what you said. I guess I grew up in the land of Oz because I have been doing something I love for years and doing well with it.Part of the problem with society is we tend to depend on the big companies to make us our living. I am a strong believer in being an entrepreneur and do believe there is always a way to carve a living out of what makes you feel alive. I certainly did my share of shit jobs when I was younger but at 19 I realized that there was another way and have not looked back.There are so many ways to make your own money around what you love and I do hope my kids will pick up on this lifestyle sooner than later.

    I felt the same way back in high school, didn't know what to do , wanted to quit everything..but don't be foolish you got your whole life in front of never quit and quiters never win, find something you like perhaps trade school might be for you, electricians, plumbers,...ect (talk to your guidence .counciler.)  they all make great money, you won't get far in life without an education...


    I barely graduated too. But, I went to college when I was 31.

    Everyone hear is right, you are too young to have that outlook. You can be anything you want to if you put your mind to it. just do it, and enjoy your life.

    Its too early for apathy ,you are no where near being old enough for that . Try something new at least once a week . Keep some activities  ,leave others behind. Many rich people were poor students ,that doesnt mean you should be one as well. Just keep trying and life will unfold in a good way for you . I wish you good luck .

    What country are you in? What about learning a trade?


    Get a life .Stop moaning .Your are in good health I take it ,a lot of people not so lucky in health would be glad to change places with you .See a career officer look for work get out meet people your age .They could be in the same position,help each other.  

    ed shank

    There's always organ donating.

    Get meds  for depression. Surviving high school can be quite an ordeal if your brain is too busy to listen to a teachers prattle or the subject matter of their instruction sounds like gibberish. One of my instructors sounded screechy and choked  and my fellow students and I made jokes about her various noises. That part of her classes was fun in coming up with  descriptions for her various states. She resigned after a while and became a stage comic and achieved some fame. Depression is feeling down a lot. I was asked "how do you feel?” by everyone and my answer was “Fine, I feel fine.” which ended the conversation and let me continue to indulge my self-loathing another dismal day. I did’t know what depression was and no one told me that it feels like you feel. It took years of mopping around to get to a doctor and actually get it taken care of. So don’t let it slide on by, life is too important to suffer in depression…get help and be happy. Don’t take no for an answer.


    Get your :A" into "G" & get on with it!  It's only life. The trials & tribulations make a better person out of you.

    ed shank

    You can't appreciate success, if you never failed.

    Too true Ed.

    Let's take it slowly and one step at a time. If you are having a hard time in classes, get a tutor, or drop the class or classes  at the end of this semester and take something easier in the new semester in January. Talk to your councelor now about it.  Then , after H.S. get a job untill  you figure out if you want to go to trade school, or college, or in the army.

    I just saw robertgrist's answer. Yes, get meds for depression. After that speak to any advisor you respect and put one foot in front of the other.

    Depression is so well known now. A family doctor can usually spot it in a teenager. (Not all.)  Do it. Take care of it! 

    Could be you have and attitude problem,simply taken your mind off at what you could do for yourself....You might want to try what you'd could do for helping other that has the same problem  you have....Sometime volunterr or try get involve with others people needs,could get you out of the ruth.

    Study hard get a good education learn everything you can you are still young and the world is at your fingertips use it wisely make something out of your life don't let your life make something out of you you you have to do it and you can.  Study hard, learn all you might be surprised what you can do in life if you set you mind on the right track.  Go for it kid give it all you got you only go around once in this world.

    "Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start pictur-in yourself succeed-in....(Panda)."

    You look into who you are. You find the raw materials of your being, dig them out, refine them and make something that you can be proud of. Find the elements of your Authenticity and forge them into a 'whole', an Integrity.

    WHAT you do is a matter of orientation, talent and attitude. Find those and the work or profession follow. But your first 'work' is YOU. If you create Integrity from what is Authentic in you, whatever you do in life witll be meaningful, satisfying and useful.

    The world is an amazing place and I'll bet if you worked at something that holds your interest you will find that one good thing will lead to another. Before you know it, you will be involved in many different things and enjoying life. Try all and everything that you want to try and don't fell discouraged if you fail at some things. That doesn't mean that you are a failure, it only means that that particular something wasn't right for you. Always continue to be willing to try new adventures in your life. You will be so surprised how life will change for you over the years and all the wonderful directions it will take you. Enjoy life and always look on the "sunny side" and above all - Enjoy the Journey.  Cat Stevens said, "You are young, that's our fault, you have so much you have to learn".

    vovo i am so happy you have asked the people on this site their view point regarding how you feel.  I would just like to add, after you do some of the things suggested.  Figure out in life how the help somebody'.  Many ways to do that.  Take care.

    some people are good with their brains and others with hands. If you are good at fixing things like repairing,painting etc try to excel on that attribute But don't wait for a miracle. You are the miracle and make it happen.  In the process You will make many people happy.

    Not that big of a deal these days. Go talk to counselor about  getting GED. Life is about to make another start again. Dump the situation of the school , get  the GED, and enjoy your life by contributing to society . Get a job, earn some money to support yourself. And, whatever you do, dont be a dumbass and vote for obama. Start your life again by using intelligence. No way are you a failure ,its just a public school. Good luck to you . By the way, asking a question about this situation, shows a great deal of maturity. Keep us posted here will you.

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