Should Marijuana be legalized?

    ... and at the very least, shouldn't we be able to grow our own without landing in the slammer?

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    winfia I am with you on this one!
    ole hipster

    Brings to mind a really really old "ditty" (song from way back in the 60's)....went something like this: "Smoking pot in an empty lot.....sweet marijuana.....ya' better stop, here comes the cops!...sweet marijuana" Funny I can't remember the rest of it (if there was a rest of it!) could it be the mary jane??? lol..(:

    melandrupert, a friend of ours was arrested a few years back for growing a single plant in his house Give me a friggin break! Of course his first mistake was placing it in the window ...

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    Sure, some cartel members will continue selling other illicit wares once marijuana is legalized, but since they currently earn about 60 percent of their profits from illegal marijuana sales, ending the prohibition of that cash crop will seriously undercut their ability to finance continued operations.

    And removing such a significant chunk of the cartels’ funding will make it significantly easier for law enforcement to isolate and destroy them." As a former border patrol officer once charged with enforcing prohibition, I never dared dream of such success. Each arrest only created a lucrative job opening for someone else to step in and fill the insatiable demand for illegal drugs'.

    We can either keep going through an endless cycle of cartel bosses brought to justice, or if we really want to reduce the violence, we can legalize marijuana — and other currently illegal drugs — thereby evaporating the profit motive that causes the carnage.


    Look at you Mr. Smarty pants... GREAT answer!

    Tell the United States government to stop supporting and taking kick backs from the Cartels. The door here in the US is open to drug trafficking.

    i fully agree with you

    If alcohol is legal pot should be too.. But it should only be sold to adults.. I just dont see much differance in the two. Also ppl are buying it... TAX it we need the money..

    PS I never saw a stoner get high and beat his wife and kids... Just sayin...


    Anyone who beats their wife and kids will do it whether or not they are drunk or high. I'm willing to bet there are more drug users than there are alcoholics. Do you want your roads filled with stoned drivers? Go ahead, legalize the stuff. It will make travel on the roadways double the fun. Drunk and stoned drivers. Yeah.

    DUI and DWI cover stoned drivers too.

    Yes, my point is, make it legal and more will use it.

    Most likely... Good point...

    Jenn, you're not looking in the right places or else you are in denial that any 'mind altering' drug will have violent effects on 'some' people. As one person said here, they don't see much difference between mj and alcohol, if this is true then mj consumers also beat their wife and kids, and stoner women will beat their husbands and kill their kids. It happens all the time. It's a drug.. The only drug that we consume that is not mind altering tobbaco but the word on that is it kills everyone around it.. :) Still its not mind altering.. Funny thing to me is that the MJ mind altering smokers that do not smoke tobacco are the first ones in line to say smoking is bad.. LOL

    No,  No,  No


    No.  We don't need more incapacitated people who believe that they are doing nothing wrong because "it's legal".

    Alcohol is legal and is abused more than any other intoxicant.To legalise anything else would be akin to opening pandora's box.


    Metal face if you open Pandora's box you will find HOPE.

    Do you suppose legalizing marijuana is akin to hope, Dopey?

    I think yes at least let people who really need it as there cancer drugs dont work and it is benefishail for a lot of ailments and hey the goverment would earn a fortune in taxes and we as a nation could help the goverment!!!! no really for people who need it YES


    I can agree to it for medicinal purposes but for recreational use, no. I see what it does to my brother. It does have adverse affects whether the smokers want to admit to it or not.

    Yea Collen I agree for medicinal yes I know what it has done to a few people I know its not good but as I said it is good for other medical ailments they should do it in tablet form xxxxx

    Many friends grow pot for their own use and for the distribution stores here in California. The sheriff does check on licensed growers and continues with air surveillance for illegal farms which helps to maintain the prices around $1000.00 per pound or more. The Fed tries to poke their no-vote in but gets no help from the locals. I don’t bother with growing any as I don’t smoke it or use it. I prefer to make alcohol which is legal as long as you don’t sell it. I don’t drink it either but I do like to make paint, use it for dry cleaning and extract oils and flower scents. The results are much more valuable than the alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol leaves unpleasant  after taste in food products so I don’t have much use for that.  

    Hey....just look at my name for Heaven's sake! The ole hipster says it definitely should be decriminalized (if not legalized...think of the revenue possibilities!) I tended bar for about 10 years and never saw folks stoned on pot fighting...but just add liquor to any two people and you can damn near sell tickets to these fights!....(: But then that's my opinion and we all have them along with certain other parts of our anatomies!.(:

    We could add a extra lane on the free way where going over 20 mph is not allowed. I wish to buy stock in all snack food companies. I think all political debates on Tv should require all that take part should smoke a joint and have a adult beverage before talking. We would get to the bottom of a lot of things really fast.


    My grandfather was a very good country Dr. in the late 20's and 30's and he prescribed pot  a great deal until "it got to be exploited" so much it was made made him angry but he stopped prescribing it. But he believed in it.......


    My dad was born in 1910 and he said he smoked it in HS, but that it never did anything for him. Turns out, tho, he was an alcoholic... geeze

    Just a thought...isn't it interesting that people cry the blues about, the poor economy, no jobs, losing houses, needing a new car (and I do empathize with those situations) BUT when it comes to the "important" stuff....alcohol, drugs, eating out every night, cigarettes, etc, there is never a mention from anyone saying "I can't afford it"? Those things are costing some people hundreds of dollars every month!


    Ain't that the truth!

    I gave everyone a thumbs up for their responses whether I agree with them or not. I will say, that when I attend public functions, like say a county fair, I rarely, if ever smell pot anymore. Not like it used to be back in the 70s when we'd sit around and pass a joint around out in the open. Now, those folks are senior citizens and imbibe in their homes ... not me, tho. I gave it up. But I do believe it should be legalized ... think of the lives it would save!

    I simply hate all drugs. Being a recovered Heroin addict (clean 42 years), I have no compassion for those who get busted with either a seed or a ton. I agree booze is worst than weed. So what. Throw more poison out onto the streets. When junior comes home stoned, and stays stupid because he can't concentrate in school what excuse will be acceptable to you ? Tell me how little harm reefer does. If junior can't think straight to learn the curriculum he can't get a job, if he can't get a job he will live with you at home till you die. No thanks. Advocating the legalization of pot is wrong and any excuse to make it so is simply horses**t..

    Not a popular answer I know.

    I agee with Colleen, legalise it for medical purposes and control the growers.

    It is done with Opium poppies in Tasmania Australias` Island state.

    The poppy seed on bread and bread rolls are also opium poppy seed BUT BUT BUT the seeds are sterilised to remove the barbituates and stop them being used as seeds to grow crops.


    Good thing that you mentioned "sterilized" or there would have been a run on rolls! haha

    Yes,legalise it.I believe it can help with some symptoms of MS. Regarding recreational use,a lot less harmful than alcohol


    Less harmful? Pot smokers are often in a fog and don't even realize it...just like the alcoholics! Will I feel any better if I or a loved one, gets run over by a pot head as opposed to a drunk!

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