How healthy are you? And what are you doing to be healthy?

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    I am just working stupid hard and when I have down time I am typing on this site.  Exhaustion has no sympathy.

    I'm slim, always been slim, no high blood pressure, no nothin'. Longevity runs in our family, but not for the males. They croak it in their early eighties.


    Show off.

    Yeah, I guess.

    Eggs are perfectly perfect.

    I don't smoke.  I drink occasionally.  I don't use recreational drugs. 
    It would be nice if I weighed about 10-15 pounds less, but no one calls me fat....I'm often told that I am "little".  I'm 5' 5", so I'm not SHORT
    My eating habits are probably the worst thing about me.  Although I don't drink soda or eat potato chips, and seldom have "fast food", I don't have a balanced diet. 
    I work out 2x/week with a personal trainer and try to get to the gym at least two other times each week.  I bowl at least 3 times a week.  I walk the dogs, swim and bicycle once in a while.
    Spiritually, I need to step up my pace.  Psychologically I need to step up my pace.
    I spend a lot of time at this website, play Sudoku, do crossword puzzles, play spider solitaire and free cell, read and write to stimulate myself Mentally.   Emotionally, I am a mess.



    Bob/PKB are lovely and you my dear are a perfectionist just like me. It's torture. Look in the mirror and ... well glorious!
    Big hug...Fish xo

    It's tough being so tough on ourselves, isn't it. Love you, too.

    yes u are SHORT im 6'4" ur SHORT sorry and i wish i weight 10-15 pounds more at 198 i look too skinny

    Compared to you, I am definitely short! One of my friends is your height and in a photo of the two of us, I don't even reach his shoulders. He weighs 170; love the cheekbones, but he is pretty bony. I would call you slender! Slender is good.

    Wow Bob/PKB you do a lot! I believe we humans always feel we should be doing more. I do too. I am happy you put in so much time on this site, because it is so fun to hear your viewpoints, as well as others. I found this site a week ago and I love love love it. Emotionally, don't worry be happy! Your are great, and healthy and alive. I had a wealthy sister die last year from cancer. She voiced that she had everything to live for and did not want to die. But she did. While she was here I do not think she appreciated all the money & houses and beautiful family that she had until a few months before she left the planet. That is why we got to love, what we got, right now. Love Tabber Tabber. I love that name.

    Every day and every thing in it is a blessing (sometimes disguised :D ). I love that you are here at have asked 62 questions and given us all so much fun in coming up with answers. THANK YOU!!!!

    Thank you fish girl for working so hard and still sharing your wonderful thoughts with everyone!

    I'm pretty healthy. I rarely get sick. I'm diabetic but there is nothing to do about it except take my shots... I take a lot of pills (prescribed) but I look healthy.....

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