I'm making chili Anyone care to tell of a secret ingredient they add to make it special?

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    Also Darci I love it that you have no measurements on your chili . You are a true cook!

    OK I'll bite! whats the secret?


    Chili makers always have a trick

    I do not have it to an exact measurement science but here goes my famous chili recipe:


    Good ground chuck apx. 1 pound or more if you like.  Brown the ground beef in a skillet add chopped fresh onions as much as you like.  Drain completely the grease after browning beef.  Big stock pot cook whole canned tomatoes, diced chili tomatoes, 1 can or 2 of tomato paste, garlic powder or seasoning to your taste, salt to taste, I use the chili flavored kidney beans to add to this at least 2 cans.  Simmer add the cooked ground beef and onions, keep simmering and stirring often to keep from sticking on the bottom.  I cook my chili for several hours at a simmer.  I add at least 1 large spice bottle of MEXENE Chili Powder this is the only kind I use as I find it to be the best.  When done to your taste it should be sort of a little thick.  I serve my home made chili over rice.  I like tomato based chili myself as you can tell.  Also, this chili freezes up in containers really well and you can thaw out a container and have some when you like as the only way I know how to make it is in a really big stock pot.


    With my mexican corn bread as follows:

    If you know how to make true home made corn bread that is what I do I use white self-rising corn meal, 1/2 to 3/4 cup of self-rising flour, 1-2 whole fresh eggs, whole buttermilk, 1 TB mayo., 1 TB sour cream mix really well mixture should be good easily pourable but not too thin.  I add 1 large can of creamed corn, chopped onions to taste, chopped jalapino peppers to taste.  I use a heavy cast iron skillet, preheat oven to 425 degrees while my oven is preheating I put cooking oil in the bottom of the skillet just about 1/4 inch and let this be heating up with skillet inside oven while oven is pre-heating.  When preheated I pour half of my cornbread batter into skillet, then I take a large pkg of shredded cheddar cheese and sprinkle all over the top of mixture and then I pour the rest of the corn bread batter over top of that and bake until done.  To me this is my favorite meal especially for the colder weather.  


    Do not know if you or anyone else will like it or not but when I have made it and taken it to work for when we used to bring dishes I have been offered money by some of the guys at work to make them some to put up in their freezer so they must have liked it too.


    That corn bread sounds divine!

    It is to me it is so much better than any mexican corn bread I have ever gotten anywhere and it by far beats any mexican corn bread mix you buy and make. Hope you try it and like it you will have to let me know. It is just my own receipe that I made up myself since my Mom taught me how to make home made corn bread as a little girl.

    Great recipe Darci.What about macaroni cheese? Do you have a recipe for that? I have been looking for a good one.The kids are sick of the packet mixes.

    Tommy I have never made home made mac and cheese but I dearly love it it is so so much better than anything you can buy in a mix. I will try to find one and put it on here for you okay? I may hate to cook but I do know how to cook and I did cook all my young life so I can pretty much tell by looking at receipes usually if it is going to be something good or not so I will try to find one.

    Tommy by the way do not know if you caught this receipe I posted a good while back called the Lazy man's cobbler, it is so very very easy and so good. You take a casserole dish (glass) preheat the oven to 350 degrees, place 1 stick of real butter in dish while oven is preheating to melt butter. In the meantime in a mixing bowl mix slowly together so will not lump up 1 cup of whole milk, I cup of self-rising flour, I cup of sugar, mix all together really slowly keep stirring this way it will mix up good and not be lumpy. After you have all this mixed up in bowl. Take either frozen strawberries in juice that you have thawed out, or Lucky Leaf Brand pie filling of your choice. You take the casserole dish out of oven after butter has melted but wait before putting back in until oven has pre-heated to 350 degrees. You slowly pour the batter into the casserole dish with the melted butter DO NOT STIR EVER then you take what ever pie filling or the thawed strawberries in juice and take a large spoon and just drop easily by the spoonful into the mixture in different spots STILL NEVER STIR bake until done it will be a bready type cobbler but it is so good and so easy to make. Hope the kids will like that one.

    I drain the grease from the ground beef and add grease from cooked bacon or breakfast sausage.... That's what make my chili special (plus I add fresh chile as in jalapenos and Serrano's....)....Big secret, my chili...........

    I have added Chorizo before and some PEOPLE liked it.

    Make sure you cook and drain the chorizo before you add it to the chili.

    Longaniza is my favorite, good luck.

    Try in Goggle Texas Chili recipes or  cumin ,olive oil ,garlic ,are staples in my chili .                        Bill

    I add a can of chick peas.

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