i eat lunch every day at 11clock then i fill tired what can i do for energy

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    Are you eating foods with a lot of sugars in them? Cut the sugar. You may be eating too much. Try yogurt and a protein bar. 

    All of the above and in my case...which could be yours...make sure you are not eating anything you are allergic to.

    Eat a lighter meal.....

    Everyone feels tired after eating. Eat breakfast like a Prince, lunch like a King and supper like a pauper. I say this as lots of business men go home eat an enormous meal and then go to bed - the food doesn't get metabolised properly and then the next morning get into their cars I've seen many of these men who are overweigh. Take more exercise perhaps. Take Vitamin C at breakfast time for energy also helps in the winter.


    You could be a border line diabetic.  Carbohydrates cause a in balance in sugars and induce a need to sleep and fatigue after eating . If you are eating mid day try eating less carbs and eating something less complex for easier digestion

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