brake light not working on Ford F-150, but all the lights are working. Plus, all fuse and brake rel. on the brake has been replace.

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    Mine is out and then back and then out and then back...dang!  I know where I am going...dealership!

    I am fortunate...there haven't been that many things wrong....I had a thing with my driver's side window. .. and a water pump. 


    I agree with the above. I would  crawl under the back side and look for damage to the harness . Most often this is a ground situation . No ground no lights . Check harness under hood at exit from dash point sometimes corrosion is a issue here . All good advice so far . Good Luck ,hope you solve it quick .          Bill

    Little switch on the brake peddle arm.....maybe got knocked out  of adjustment..............little round thing with two wires hooked to it......


    Try same bulb from working side, may be bulb or socket!

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