If you really want to get on my nerves.....

    People have habits and mannerisms that can drive a person crazy.  My sister hates for me to pick at a fingernail.  That quiet little noise is like a sonic boom in her ears.  (Remember the fairy tale, Princess and the Pea?  That would be my sister).   What innocent behavior is it hard for you to ignore? 

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    The thing that walks all over my last nerve is when someone asks you a question and then interrupts before you can finish your sentence.  What is worse is when they finish the sentence for you with an opinion attached, that of which is not your own. 

    Or...the big one...They ask a question.  You begin to answer, they then turn to someone else and start talking to that person instead. 



    That really bothers me, too. It feels like what I have to say couldn't be less valuable. Don't forget the people who just talk over you.

    We need a "That Just Irks Me" converence. After that we would be good. Just have to get these things off our chest.

    Make lots of spelling and grammar mistakes in your written work.  When you're speaking, say things like...I seen...I done....she don't....he ain't. 


    ....ending a sentence with a preposition doesn't bother me when others do it as much as it does when I do it. My writing and speech sometimes seem snobbish because that rule is one I try to follow.

    My neighbor letting his three dogs bark all day long from 7am til about 6:30 pm.  


    So annoying! and poor dogs.

    Yup, I feel bad for the dogs, all 3 stuck in a 5 X 8 prison all day. Pit bulls too. This is enough to drive a pit mad so he would bite someone. Pits are high energy and need their exercise. This is why pits go bad. Ignorant owners who should not own a pet of any kind least of all a dog that needs room to run and plenty of attention.

    I agree - it is criminal.I heard recently of one member of a family being biten by a dog wanting the dog put down, one of several the dogs had not been walked for three months and my friend and one of the family members wanted them rehomed.These people sicken me. There is such a thing as cause and effect.

    Having pets is a privilege and a responsibility. Your neighbors should be crated for a couple of days.....

    Our animal control won't do anything. The officer said they have food, water, shelter (one dog house for 3 dogs in this cramped 5X8 cage) and are secured and licensed. All legal according to him. Jerk.

    Perhaps the "letter of the law" is being followed, but the cramped conditions certainly sound like animal cruelty to me.
    The non-stop barking could be considered disturbing the peace, couldn't it??

    The noise ordinance in this town were barking dogs are concerned only comes into effect if there is a terminally ill neighbor being disturbed by it.

    (I have to answer my own question this time).
    If you really want to get on my nerves, be LATE.   
    It is inconsiderate, disrespectful, and rude. 
    If you are going to be late, CALL! 

    I'm glad you asked that question, at my job before we go to work we have a PJB, pre job briefing. This 41year old woman is IN the meeting POPPING  CHEWING GUM in the meeting !!!!!! IT DRIVES ME NUTS !!!!!! , This actually makes me fighting  MAD. I talked to the site manager about her and he told her to stop interrupting the meetings, THANK GOD. GUM POPPING and someone that chews with their mouth opens gets on my nerves. I'll probably think of some more.  GOOD QUESTION.


    Good peeves!

    What a relief the manager took you seriously.
    Recently my son had a court appearance and there is a security entrance (x-ray of carried items, walking through the whatever that thing is). Sheriff's deputies man/woman the entrance and machines. The deputy who shooed me through had the gum hanging out of her mouth...dis-gust-ing.

    People texting on their cell phones whilst you are talking to them. So very very rude!!


    Oh yes, that's another good answer. Do you ever just stop talking or walk away? It makes me want to scream sometimes.

    Yeap so rude. The attitude also.

    I hate lazy English  being spoken...Double negatives, preposition at the end of a sentence, etc....


    DOUBLE NEGATIVES! I don't got no pencil. I don't got no paper. Where are they at? He didn't have no money for lunch. Where was he gonna go to? Used to teach and that was one of my pet peeves. Thanks for a good answer.

    People on their mobile phones in stores who seem to make sure you hear their conversation "did you say cabbage or baked beans". People who not only do the talk they do the walk with this thing to their ear. I used to feel sorry for people when that ear piece came out I thought they were talking to themselves. 


    No kidding! They are either talking to themselves, or trying to talk to me! Just as I begin to respond, they start talking again and I realize they weren't even talking to me! Now it's just embarrassing for me. Do you think those people could go for 20 minutes without their "world connection"? It's been on my mind to ditch the cell phone and just have one at home, with an answering machine. Like the "olden days". How did we ever survive???

    I have so many mobile/cell phones - crazy as I am cannot even text - do not have to though as my friends do not use these things either -good to take on a trip in the car in case of emergency. The young seem to have fun though - my friend told me when her daughters boyfriend left the house having spoken all evening they then begin to text each other etc. you know what I mean don't you and how did they all survive before as you say? Love the bit "talking to me" so embarrassing.

    I dont smoke. People who wait till the very last thing and then ask for cigarettes in the check out at the super market .Then the clerk walks a mile and comes back with the wrong ones .  I wish the floor would open and swallow them . Feels like I spend half my life behind morons in the check out line. Those with checks and the ones with 50.00 in pennies, The worst ones are the ones who must swipe their plastic card 10 times before it works . Hint Its not working because YOU HAVE NO MONEY !!!


    I hear your pain. Smoking is bad even if no one has lit the darned things up yet. It really stops traffic.

    Your answers are always so heartfelt and well put (and I agree with you again). How about the people who wait in line to order something and when it's their turn, haven't figured out what they want?? My fantasy is to chuck them right out the door! They are usually the people right in front of me.

    For me it is the person who takes so very long getting their stuff together and the so long to count out the price from their purse having taken time to find it in the handbag get it ready first in the queue you have time.

    “You are breathing wrong” tells me to shut up or leave the room.  In CODA I learned not to take abuse. I can say “NO” with authority and conviction to anyone trying to twist my polite “no" out of my mouth and turn it into a “yes”. Being talked over was annoying but I learned to play that game too and turn whatever they were about to say into an embarrassment for them. One warning is all it takes. I don’t like folks who assume I am on their side of an issue when I do not share their view. A neighbor has a motorcycle that is annoyingly loud and they are an immune to its noise because they are tone deaf, a result of their indulgence. I’m sure I could think of a few more annoyances and I reside where I do to avoid many of them….air pollution, and so forth. Yes, i can rant-on.  


    Rant on you crazy diamond...

    Feel free to rant-on, robertgrist! Is there any other place in the world where we can express these frustrations and people are actually "listening" and empathizing!?

    I love you too much to look for something to complain about you.

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