How to get over the betrayal and humility when you find out from the one he is with and swears hes never been with anyone else. He is so high maintenance I have no friends, thank God for my family.

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    It will pass with time.  Take care of yourself, be good to yourself...don't beat yourself up with this and learn by this experience.  Some people just do really crummy things.

    Well thank God someone had the balls to tell you what the jerk was doing. Think of it this way, at least your no longer responsible to maintain the guy. You are no longer wasting your time.

    Do I need to expound again about the damage done by those who cant keep their word . If you cheat then you are garbage ! Say goodbye and end it then you are free to do as you wish. If your word is no good to your intimate partner then it is no good in business or anywhere else in life . Why does Miss Marie deserve this ???? No one who does this sees the damage they cause by these actions. Far as I am concerned take him out in the alley and shoot him in the balls. Yes this will pass ,I doubt it will ever stop sucking. There are no words to explain the measure of contempt I have for cheaters . Sorry this happened to you ,in the future look out for yourself . I am coming to the conclusion that there is no such thing as real friends ,just people you know who have not screwed you yet . 

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