Of which of the 7 Deadly Sins are you most guilty?


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    Thank you to the people who are simply looking at the list and being honest with themselves. This isn't meant to be anything more than a simple question. Thumb's up to Randy Palmer, Roddy, Nomdeplume, michmar118, and TSC.

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    ONLY ONE??? Surely you're joking?

    Probably PRIDE, gets me in the most trouble when I think I can do something without anyones help, including Gods.


    Really good answer Randy. Pride is dangerous. I didn't even like to say I was proud of my son when he read an essay he wrote about the American flag at a flagpole dedication when he was in third grade. It was a VERY BIG DEAL, with all the city's bigwigs. His essay was emotionally moving and there were tears in alot of eyes, mine included. I was VERY PROUD of him that day, but I said that I was so happy for him that he had the opportunity to share his essay and had done so well. THANK YOU FOR BEING HONEST AND SHARING YOUR ANSWER.
    Headless Man

    Being proud of someone else is fine in my eyes, it's self pride that is wrong.

    That makes good sense. Thank you.
    I WAS SO PROUD OF MY SON WHEN HE READ HIS ESSAY. (Boy, that felt good to say.)
    Headless Man

    You should be.......

    Hahaha, good try.  I must tell you in private, not here.



    We will have to make arrangements for a secret meeting. People are watching me and will try to force me to give them your answer once they know I have it. We will meet on the "usual day" at the "regular time" in the "typical place". You know.....

    ssshhhhh, IHOP opens 24/7. :)

    Probably gluttony,....I like what I like and I like a lot of it!!   Not so much food, as most people think of with that word, although great tasting food is so tempting to overdo, but other things as well.  Wine, company of people I love to be with, sleep, and comforts in general. Looking on the bright side, I believe some of the others may be worse,......anger, greed and envy.  Am blessed there at least!


    What a thoughtful answer. Gluttony doesn't have to be just food!Anythink in excess can be considered gluttony. (I'm gonna have to watch that one.....along with the other six). Thanks for your answer michmar118

    There is no particular order    I am guilty of all


    We are ALL guilty of all, sometimes! She's asking about the one you feel you overdo the most in intensity or volume, or at least that's my interpretation. *Sorry bob/pkb, don't mean to put words under your fingertips! :-]

    michmar118: You are reading the question exactly as it was written and intended. THANK YOU!

    This very question nutures the same it asks about, just in reading and the 'thinking" of such.   I say don't clutter up your mind and heart, with such dark drak.  Seek ever for the Good in spite of the noise of Chaos, we all know its there, but good men need not suffer the visciousness of it;  we need not be a part of it.

    The Evil Eye ever sees but fault. It is magnetic and will draw yet more of its kind to itself; to its thinker.   The Evil Eye can soon blind one to the good, so much so, one will not be able to recognize the Good when it tries to come, because the "perception for evil is greater than for seeing the Good.   Unhappiness, miseries and sorrows are symptomatic, and a heavy price to pay 

    Therefore beware of what you dedicate your thoughts too or pay the piper.   Let them hear it who can.


    I appreciate your comment. I really doubt anyone is going to be consumed by this, but your point is well made. Thank you for your answer.

    Heavy, heavy answer,...but I understand where you are coming from and it's basis. Certainly there is much truth there. But hopefully it will be balanced by lightness and levity, as well.



    Uh huh. Yes isn't really an answer to this particular question.

    I'm guilty--->yes

    Oh, well, then, that's certainly one of the choices! Glad you cleared up that for me.

    Yes. . . .you're guilty of which one(s) , Vin ?

    Vinny....this isn't a multiple answer question. It asks "which" and says "most", both implying a singular choice. "YES" wasn't one of the choices.
    Pretty obvious. LOL

    Hmm I posted reply under the wrong question... I still say YES!! Multiple choice question, all choices are 'YES'.. I am stubborn too!!




    How simple was that! Thank you for simply choosing to post an answer! They are all human tendencies and lust is probably at the top of my list, too, right after sloth.

    Even Jimmy Carter said he was guilty of having lust in his heart.

    Never was one to discriminate so I guess at one time or another all of them to some degree except anger and envy.

    I can honestly say I have never hated anyone so I put that in the "anger" basket.

    I do not envy anyone I am happy if they are happy or fortunate.

    My favourites would be LUST and GLUTTONY sometimes at the same time.


    I like the way you thought this through. Envy is a nasty one; be thankful you aren't an envious person. Angry is no fun either. Lust and gluttony at the same time.....gotcha.

    I've been guilty of all of them but I'd like to think I'm getting better with age and knowledge.... (or am I sinning with that statement?)


    No foul!

    Did you guys know that the 7 deadly sins were NOT in the bible; at least NOT in that form ?

     The 7 deady sins was kind of a by-laws written up by the Pilgrims in  the 1600s .


    Thank you for telling me where that list came from, because I knew it wasn't in the Bible. Those Pilgrims were awfully tight-laced. Perhaps one or more of these 7 really isn't sinful???? Somehow, I think they got it pretty right on!

    what about you, PKB, Which 7 deadly sins are you guilty of ?  My brother's wife is guilty of ALL of them.


    I have experienced most of them.
    Pride: when I thought my kids had it just a little better than the ones who were from broken or single parent homes (until it happened to us)
    Lust: in that I have not always been considerate of other people's relationships, or even my own
    Gluttony: because I can open a big bag of chips and eat the entire thing in one sitting; I could bowl ten games without stopping; I always refill the extra large buttered popcorn at the theatre.
    Anger...a biggie. Mark and I were classmates from kindergarten through high school. About 25 years AFTER we graduated, I was visiting with him at a campground where he was the lifeguard. He told me the thing he most remembered about me in elementary school was that I was always angry. REAL eye-opener.
    SLOTH is currently my worst "deadly sin". I can lay around all day doing nothing but watching TV and hanging out here.
    Thank you for asking!

    sloth and gluttony. Ok, I'm not that fat, but  I am overweight

    None of the above, I'm a goody two shoes. I only annoy fanatics.


    Now that just sounds like fun!

    Did all of them looking for one that I really liked but it wasn’t worth hanging in there with any of them. 

    Bob/PKB want to share your recipes for getting rid of those tendencies?

    Open , honest, self examination and a commitment of service to the will and way of God. Keeping a commitment is a daily practice that takes a lifetime to complete.

    Thank you robertgrist! Keeping the commitment is the hardest part for me. I'll keep working on it, God helping me!

    As long as I live I will wish her dead . Never forgive ,never forget  ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I die Ill be waiting for that  slut on the other side . When she goes over the edge into hell it will my foot in her backside sending her in that direction. i swear vengeance on her till time ends . May she never have a friend again ,may she be alone all her days,may she be betrayed just as she betrayed me ,may she die alone without a friend in sight,worthless tramp!!!!!!!!!!


    Speechless. I will respect your feelings.

    Truthfully : Anger nothing would please me more than to see that cheating ex of mine and her husband roasting on a spit in hell . I will never stop hating that ...................................   lots of words I could have put there ,but I was nice . Alexandria I hope you die a hideous death !!!!!!!


    I remember the incredible hurt and anger I had when I found out my ex was having an affair with a woman from work. There were some very ugly scenes and even an arrest during the angriest part of my despair. The best day of my life, in many ways, was the day I realized I was "over it".
    I hope that day comes for you.

    I hope that day comes as well. It is such a relief.

    Bob - everyones personal struggles are their own, between them and themselves.  Thus so long as ones doubts they will remain, so also ones worldly trials thereof, reflecting in the Joy or the Sorrows that guide the way. 

    I say let it Joy, in the "knowing" for by Joy is the Kingdom of Heaven become as a Light for men on Earth.   For what so ever be bound on Earth shall be bound in Heaven and what soever be bound in Heaven shall be bound on Earth.   Open your mind to preceive and receive the Good, and this is happiness within and without, in all of earth life.   God  Bless.  :- )


    OK, Gabalis. It's just a question. No one is obligated to share a personal struggle here or anywhere else. I don't see 100,000+ answers here, so obviously it's not required to answer questions you don't want to answer.

    Personally, I don't want to be bound by an overabundance of bad habits (of which all seven of those fall into that category IN MY OPINION) when I enter Heaven.
    I find it presumptuous of you to suggest my mind is not open to perceive and receive the
    "Good". I'm not sure where you are going with your Joy, Kingdom of Heaven, Light references, but it sounds like religion. I have faith and I am a Christian.

    Thank you again for your input. You definitely give me a different perspective and something to consider in my daily life.

    Like your response, bob/PKB.

    None of those but I think I may have invented a new one...I set my sights on a quest and away I go...a woman on a mission... then my body crashes and I am stuck for 5 days in complete discomfort...I think it is a sin of imbalance and it can't be good.


    Sounds like a bad case of determination, my friend. Tis no sin

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