do u love my life

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    I love my life. I do not know your life.

    We are all so very different ,yet so similar at the same time . The potential for both good and bad is in all of us. Our journeys from birth to adulthood have commonalities  that we all share . Happiness and heartbreak, love ,betrayal its all there . I dont know you ,but I do know if I looked closer I would see a human being  with exciteing stories and adventures and a life time of special moments. Some large some small,some sweet as well. What ever the word choosen I am confident that it would be interesting . Travel well be safe and may you find happiness in all things.                  Bill


    Way to say, Bill! : )

    I don't know your life and I can't guess. So you should love your life itself and maybe it will rub off on some of us.

    That's a strange question. If you were sitting with me in the park and I knew you did no harm. I guess I would say, "I love your life." I love it as I love the life of all people who do no harm.  It's of value. There's a reason for it.  It is here before me now.

    Do you love my life? or the life of others who come here? But mainly do you love your life?


    Why should I?  I don't know you.

    Are you rich?

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