(Personal Letter) Dear BarbiePwns,

    Dear BarbiePwns,

    I have given some thought to the debate following your submission here.  It certainly feels like all the top 250 members are in a conspiracy against you.  I can, more than you realize, empathize with your feeling.  As a prelude to my discussion here, I myself am sort of like a maverick or wild buck in this forum, at least at the beginning, and have had numerous warnings including, but not limited to, suspensions, etc.

    The purpose in writing this letter is not a result of my having any kind of agenda here.  On the contrary, I would like to offer possible angles for you to consider.


    AkaQA is made up of people with varied experiences, educational and religious background, sexual orientation, ages, conservatives, liberals, and everything in between.  Some people are serious, while others are comical.  Some are poor and many are unemployed.  A few people with good ideas are not computer literate.  Some are hindered by their English proficiency.  Young people try to use this place to do their homework while many of them are plain troublemakers.  Nonetheless, this is an all-inclusive institution, of course, until such time one is being condescending to the entire group, uses foul language, or is totally insensitive and ignorant.  That’s when the Moderator steps in.

     Without a moderator, this place would be totally chaotic with people discussing explicit sex and sexually transmitted diseases all day long.  Gay and straight participants would use this forum as their pick up joint and religious radicals would go nuts jamming their ideals down people’s throats.  Bad words would be exchanged 24/7 whenever there’s a disagreement.  What kind of sick place would this place turn into?

    Naturally I am not fond of anyone hampering my freedom of speech and putting the brakes on me every time I want to express myself.  However, if putting the brakes on me makes this place a more wonderful place for the citizens of akaQA, I am game.  Instead of shooting my mouth off, I now tactfully and respectfully voice my opinions.  And it works, by and large.

    People don’t always agree here.  We have Democrats and Republicans and you know they, more often than not, have views that oppose each other.  I think it’s healthy to exchange and debate ideas here.  I have never seen the citizens of akaQA making fun of someone who’s just lost a loved one or an individual with severe health problems.  Why?  These are people with sensitivity and without façade.  When they disagree, they try to disagree respectfully, and I think this is the spirit of akaQA.

    As for you, BarbiePwns, calling us children and idiots is not going to get you too far here.  Having a chip on your shoulder is not helping you, either.  When these people are united in something, they’re seldom wrong, even about you.   Collectively they’re the soul of the human race.  Don’t knock it.  Instead, embrace it.  If you have a beef against one of us, respectfully debate that person, not the whole institution.  Use correct spelling and good grammar or you risk appearing uneducated. Your English is pathetic, your spelling, atrocious, and you are condescending as well as uncouth. 

    Do as I recommend herein and you’ll hopefully get better results.  You should, at the very least, try. 

    With Aloha!




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    Excellent comments! Three cheers for you!

    "Shucks you should take a bow Thank you go for the White house you would be great from all the "Guys on AKAQA.thank you

    Mucho Mahalo, bruddah dowsa!

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    I appreciate that you took the time to think through what was going on with BP and everyone. You extended  cyber-respect, but without compromising.  Thanks.  I wouldn't have bothered following up after responding as I did to her post. 
    I hope we all remember what you have written the next time we have someone like BP stumble in.


    Phyllis, You are a kind and genuine person. Thanks for bringing class to this place, and your kind words.

    Shucks! thank you.

    Wow Chiangmai your good ! Thanks for speaking on behalf of us at akaQA.

    BarbiePwns and others like her that wish to throw unnecessary insults around must realize that we as a team are going to defend ourselves.In other words take one of us on and you take us all on.


    We missed this one. I found it this morning. Barbie thinks she's Dick Tracy, lol

    Thanks, pythonlover. I am sure the feeling is unanimous here: we cannot allow attacks such as those from Barbie. I am sorry that I didn't write earlier. I had to wait until such time all the collective blood pressure had subsided a bit. :)

    "Hear Hear girl.If you dont mind i will stand behind you and the rest of the "Girls .Know the "Song coward of the County his name (Tommy)HaHa

    @ Benchong, thx to your good examples over the months.  I appreciate your cheers as well!


    I like it!  You should get paid for your efforts! If I need advice when writing a letter, I"ll know who to contact! LOL


    Ha! I don't even get paid for my efforts!

    Well, countrybumpkin, thanks for your kind words and commments. It meant a lot to me that you took the time to read it.

    Great letter.  Thanks.

    Very well put...


    To Phyllis, You are a kind and genuine person. Thanks for bringing class to this place, and your kind words.



    I missed the begining of this . After seeing one bad letter I guess there is no reason to see more. I admire greatly well written words . Hats off to you !!!!! My compliments !!!! Well done !!!!! Thanks I enjoyed reading that .


    Hey, bluesman195, your comments left me speechless. I guess I wasn't quite ready for your response. Nonetheless, I sincerely thank you for your wonderful and touching feedback.

    You and I share a common love for one musician:
    Bruddah Iz. I listened to "Starting All Over Again today. He truly never goes out of style. Bruddah Iz: R.I.P.!

    Great message for others as well.


    Thanks. I appreciate your comment, Randy.

    Your all so darn right  all you  Critters,,From way across the ponds,,

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