hi im surposed to be a bridesmaid in june for a friend but everytime i ask about trying the dress on she changes the subject she says she has ordered it i get this feeling she is just saying how do i ask her if she still wants me as a bridesmaid

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    Just ask her directly. Do you want me as a bridesmaid? And then add, if not, that is okay.

    I would be open and honest with your question and do this without expectations.  Sometimes things just don't work out as originally planned with weddings.  It's not because of you, it is because of the pressures of everyone else. 

    That while u feel that wouled be a speial privalege but that you aleady have plans for the time


    ????? teabag4321 has already accepted the honor of being a bridesmaid. To make a comment like you suggest would be rude and mean. You don't really mean this, do you?

    Next time the subject comes up and Bride says she has ordered it, as her eagerly when it will be received because you can hardly wait to see it and try it on.  This puts the burden back on her and she will need to come clean with you.  If she has changed her mind, be gracious and tell her that her wedding day should be perfect in every way.  Whatever you can do to help make that happen is what you will do.  And be that friend.

    I agree with the idea of asking directly, but I have a huge concern.... 
    How to do that without the situation being at least a little awkward is difficult to imagine.

    I'll bet she changed her mind...Accept that she has and it is her day. Bow out gracefully and let her off the hook though her thoughtlessness makes her deserve otherwise......


    This was 6 months ago, lol. The bride and groom might be 1/2 way to their one year anniversary or might even be divorced already the way marriages go today 0.0

    Teach me not to read the WHOLE question...I didn't even look at the date and I don't remember seeing it before...Lame excuse but, that's me...........! LOL

    You seem to be okay with this either way,so find a way to remove the stress and help your friend have a good time . As long as you are invited take advantage of the food and drink enjoy the party and be glad you dont have the stress. Go with the flow but be honest if it will help . People mostly cant be relied on they have their faults lying comes naturally. Hope for the best and expect nothing and you will be okay . Any day you can get a couple of free drinks and a piece of cake is a good one . Best wishes to all . Have fun !

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