If you only have an hour to live , but had the power to change anything but time , What would it be ?

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    maureen bell

    i would speak to my angel

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    Peace Perfect Peace.


    Amen to that Chaingmai

    You meant piece, perfect piece, don

    Hahahaha, depends on what kind of peace/piece you're referring to.

    Gotta keep it clean here. People are watching. I am the epitome of radicals here.

    That's the key word: almost, yet not quite.

    The loss of my son...


    I have tears in my eyes , i can't imagine and pray I never know what it is to lose one of my boys.

    Without going into details, the state took my son from me and I could have done more to fight for him. Hindsight is 20/20. He is of age now, I'm hunting for him...He was 10 at the time...

    I pray you will find him soon and the reunion will be joyful for both of you.

    I thank you both from my whole heart...

    Sending prayers to both you and your son in the hopes for a wonderful reunion. Children always stay in our hearts, forever. I miss my own son.

    I would change the attitudes of my sons, cure them of their drug, tobacco, and alcohol habits, givie them no criminal records, instill in them a solid work ethic, desire for education, faith and belief in Jesus Christ (God),  the ability to be forgiving and humble, honest, and healthy in mind, body, soul, spirit.       I would also give them hearts that could love and forgive,

    I would change my mom's and cousin's kidneys to be healthy and functioning so they wouldn't have to be on dialysis. 



    Hi Bob thats was very nice reading well done sorry to hear about your familys health and you sons life style dont worry they do grow up and change and you will get all what you want from yours sons soon but just wait it will come :-)

    :) somehow "thank you" doesn't fully express how much I appreciate your kind words.

    I can so deeply relate to your story here Bob, my heart truly goes out to you.

    Thank you, Mom. I'm sorry you can relate to what I wrote. I'm sorry anybody can relate to it, myself included. (I just got back from visiting my 23 year old in the county jail....a wonderful visit, all things considered.)

    Oh my goodness. This is a lot for one person to carry.
    There are days when I think, "God must think a lot of me." because they say God doesn't give you more than you can handle. I will never feel sorry for myself again when my girls do the things they do (which can be very hurtful).
    I truly hope your life and the lives of your sons changes for the better and of course a miracle or two for your Mom and cousin.

    Hi fish girl: In spite of the problems that my sons are facing (and we could have a long, long discussion about that), I know there are better days ahead for them. I'll go out on a limb and admit it's because I have that God has a good plan for each one of them. I know I am blessed (and so are they) because their issues could be so much worse.
    That saying about God never giving us more than we can handle is one that I have just stopped nodding my head to....why on earth would God send bad stuff our way? He loves us too much to put our lives. God never turns away from us, especially when our troubles start piling up. I could go on and on, but will stop here on that topic.
    Girls can cut us to the bone, probably because, as girls, they know what hurts them. I hope they don't do things that hurt them. (We get over it; they may suffer consequences for the rest of their lives, depending on what they do).
    My cousin is at the top of the list to receive a kidney, so it's just a matter of time. My mom is 92, and doesn't want someone younger to have to miss out on a kidney so she can have one. :>)

    PKB, and while you're at it, cure my friend, Carol's sons and grandson of all the drug and alchohol habits & keep them out of jail. Lead them to Jesus. One says he "doesn't believe in a god who kills " , adn the other one says, " Ma, you know I don't believe in that stuff"
    And sadly, her only daughter has got leukemia, adn she's not doin' too well.

    Sorry to hear of your friend's heartache, MCM. The sons should be told to get a look at their nephew/son? who follows in their footsteps. The excuses to not have faith are to excuse the errant behavior.
    Let's keep daughter in our prayers.

    Reading this a year on Bob..and things
    have changed for the better for you and your family.I`m so glad!:-)..What a difference a year can make!! XXmills

    Millie, let's hope we can look back on your trials and be done with them

    To leave my wife rich so she never has to worry about money.


    Ah Tommy thats really nice :-)

    & my sox.I hate my sox.All of them.I have 50 pairs (At least).I just can't seem to find a pair just right.

    To never let any animal suffer .

    Love and care for all animals.


    Cute picture of my cats has been missing for 3/ is so cold and snowy here..I`m not allowed out to look for her..she`s so little..but I`m hanging on to hope! Xx

    Millie. hope you found your cat. ?

    To stop the wars so that the huge amount of the taxpayers' money to be spent on defence can be channelled back for the people's welfare.

    I would remove the anger and hatred from every living persons soul because all that would be left is love.  THAT  is what will change this world!!!


    I like what you say, michmar118. Thank you. The more we say it, the closer it comes to reality.
    Sometimes I read the comments on this site and it seems like people carry a lot of hatred over things that don't matter much. I can't say any more here.

    I would make sure that my boys find their way to the same happiness, peace, success and love I have found many times in my life.You said one thing but I have to admit it's hard to stp at one when it comes to my children.

    To convert the bad and evil thugs to be good honest help others .


    I like that dowsa lol

    change the world from evil to good

    equality, for everyone no matter what race creed ,colour, religion sexual preferenc etc. that is except for those damned aborigonals living off my tax, and the government of course, the euthanasia laws in this country and how much weight desserts put on, but dont suppose I'd care too much about that, probably get stuck into some double chocolate sundays and lots of gin & tonic, pancakes with maple syrup and whipped butter....possilbilities are endless,

    Like Chiangmai it would be "Peace Perfect Peace" With that peace would come understanding that we are not created equal. Some are slower. Some are old and/or sick. Some have mental illness.

    We would be willing to give them a blanket from the cold. And what was needed.

    I lived in the place one time and we had a very cold winter. If I put out blankets and cat food, the neighbors would get after me for making the situation worse.  I stayed up late and the cats came for food and curled up in their blankets until the sun came up. I didn't know what to do. Some cats froze.

    Some people do.

    Hello, am I too late? 

    This is a great question.  If I had the power, I would give to all the blind people on our planet that most precious and wonderful gift that we take for granted.  Sight.


    Well, I suppose they'd see death coming and look it in the eye. I'd leave them blind.

    west-bus,do you, or have considered that sight, as precious as it is still gives us the opportunity to be socially included, hearing on the other hand excludes us from inclusion in almost everything,conversation and contact,very socially isolating

    Hello lambshank, Sorry I missed your comment. I did of course carefully consider the great handicap of being deaf. My own feeling is however, that the greater handicap for me would be to lose my sight. Thank you for your input.

    my life

    For there to be wisdom and understanding of peoples deceptions and lies so truth would prevail.

    I would take my magic wand and give the world tolerance.

    the hearts of men and women, ... to know  christ!

    I'd get all the wowsers off this site!


    Whats a wowsers . ? no pun.

    A wowser is a holy roller, a religious fanatic.

    wont happen...sorry!

    I would change the structure of nuclear energy such that it could not be used as a weapon.

    I would do anything to make sure my two grandkids (ages 13 & 11) gets a good &happy start in life.

    Say good bye to all my family and friends then take down a good bottle of wine and kiss my body Goodbye.

    I would make sure I was going to the right place!  HEAVEN.

    Close minded people I'd open their minds to see God's true glory.


    I've seen some of her comments and she is not a Christian like a Christian should be. Judge not lest you be judged.

    Many are not.

    my pants

    Man's humanity towards man.

    the fact that i used one of my last few minutes left alive,in this virta world,an not out in the real world.

    I would risk my life in anything, because I only had an hour to live what's the difference?

    DAZ111 I love this question.  If I could change anything within the last hour of my life it would be peace on earth & that every human being had a lover to spend their time with.  I encounter so many people, teens, adults, older people who want a mate, but for various reasons don't have one.  That is my wish for all people, gay, straight, green or purple.  Love is truly the key.

    Daz~Did you answer?

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