slept with friends boyfriend after they broke that bad?

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    I dont think that was a very smart thing to do.

    You must be very young and immature to ask this. You should not be referring to her as your friend because you are not hers.


    Good answer Colleen lol

    Just ask yourself this question:  would you like it if your girl friend slept with your ex-boy friend? 

    If you have to ask, maybe she wasn't your real friend.

    Do you really believe someone here is going to validate your action?     Was this just a lustfilled one night stand, or the result of the two of you finding an attraction of personalities?  Had your friendship developed over the course of time, culminating in intimacy, or were you two just taking advantage of each other's loneliness?

    You don't need us to answer the question for you.  Perhaps you want some input on what you can do for damage control?

    Didn't you stop to think your "friend" would be upset enough by the break up with her boyfriend.If there was any chance of a reconciliation between them both,you have just blown it for them.I can't see the 3 of you ever getting past this,the damage has been done.

    Hi Money you know this the wrong thing to do and I hope it doesnt come back and bite you on your bum! as these things normaly do. So now you know its wrong you cant put it right so lets forgive yourselve and start fresh and just learn by that mistake and dont do it again and I know you are feeling guilty and that is not a nice feeling good luck in the future


    What goes around comes around, Money shall feel the pain, too. Good advice, Mel!

    Thanks Pamela have good weekend too :-)

    Not worth the time to reply No Class !!!!!!!!!! Just crawl in a cornor and wait for Jerry Springer


    Shame on you. First for sleeping with your BFF's ex-boyfriend and for not waiting until you are sure they won't be getting back together and Second for whoring around.  Well, guess what sister - I bet they get back together and they are both gonna dump you faster than you can say dump!    And,  if your girlfriend dumped him, doesn't that tell you he's a snake?  Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, 

    it's ok. however, you'll lose your friend. sorry. 


    itsmee, you are a much kinder person than me. TU for sure. regards/yvonne57

    Yvonne: I LOVED your answer. It no doubt stood Money's hair on end.
    LOL. Yep, mine was tame and dull in comparison.

    glad youre not my friend.......!

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