how do you a annoying person to leave you alone with out being mean

    there this girl in my class that everyone hated so i desided to be nice to her so she had a friend and now she wont leave me alone I thought when summer came she would to but she keep ringing my doorbell like 10 times a day and i wanna tell her she kinda clingy but i dont want to be mean what do i do??

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    Questions for you ???? Would you enjoy this persons company if she was less clingy ???? If there were clear boundrys would this be a friendship you might enjoy???  I would tell the truth Softly . You sound like a good hearted person ,so I belive you know the way to be truthful and kind as well .Perhaps you can have some space and keep this friend as well. If this is toxic then you have no choice but to ask this person to stay away from your door .

    Just tell her what you've just told us.  "Jane, can you please be a friend without being too clingy."

    Firm and straight forward.  ......Then run like hell!

    ps.  Don't forget to disconnect the electrical wire from the door bell.

    Let her dowm ever so tenderly you have met some one you fancy for a long time she must have felt the same .She wants to met ,sorry i still want to be friends?

    Tell her don't call me,i'll call you.Just explain that you are busy and you will catch up another time.

    Sorry, I have to make an important call talk to later.

    Tell her you have some chores to do and they must be done. Tell her you will give her a call if theres time.

    ""Tell her to go to hell. I'm waiting for her down here.

    Try telling her that you have plans or that you are kind of busy with family business and can you talk or get together some other time.  It may work for a while. 

    dont say its not you, its me whatever you do its a dead give away anymore! just be honest and like it is you are not trying to be mean but you need to set some healthy boundaries with her and she can either respect them or miss out on your company all together. otherwise youll get sick of her and in a heated moment will say something mean and hateful and later regret it.

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