what age do i could have a boyfriend.

    or if my dad does not lent me have one.

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    14 for group dates, 16 for single dates. Wait til you are married for sex!

    Well apparently your mother gadget6 has given you permission to group date at 14. Have fun, come home pregnant (because we all know kids do not listen to their parents). She'll explain it all to your dad. :)

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    Your Dad is just worried about your safety, when it comes to boy friends. Not all boys are nice. Some just use girls, then leave them, with a broken heart, or worse, expecting a  baby. Some boys will tell you that they love you, and what ever you want to hear, just to have sex, then they are gone. ! To have a boy friend legally, you must be 16 years old.

    Sometimes its very hard to be young , thinking you are ready for so much more . Fact is yiou are not. I know you wont belive me but at 60 you should give me credit for a few things . One on one dating at your age is a bad idea for many reasons . Ever watch one of those nature movies where the little one gets away from the herd and is eaten . Life is not much different there are those who intentions are bad who only wish to seperate you from the protection of your herd. You are young only for a short time enjoy it .Once you are old that lasts your entire life I side with your Dad please wait I promise you it will be worth it .

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