is there any work at home jobs available without a fee?

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    Scams !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waste of time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Employ yourself . Work for no one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can say this because: I have not had a job of any kind in 25 years . I stay at home !!!!!! Keep my own hours !!!! and every day is Saturday if I choose .These people are pimps and intend only to use you for there own ends and then wish you to pay for the privilege . How about shopping every day ,super bargin hunting , looking at very nice things . have all your time to do with as you please . Want to know how Ill tell you for free just ask me . If you arent serious dont waste my time

    99.9% of work at home jobs (especially the ones that charge YOU a fee) are scams. Don't waste your time and certainly not your money dealing with these people.

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